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Personal growth and development really is a journey of self discovery. Of finding out who you are, what you want, and having the courage to go out and get it.

It’s an inward adventure and outward expression.

The purpose of this site was to create a place for people to discover themselves.

To explore their potential.

To stumble upon that key insight, word, or quote that can transform a life.

Some of the key areas of focus for our personal development and self growth journey will be:

  • Discovering and accepting your life purpose
  • Achieving your goals
  • Achieving financial stability
  • Developing strong relationships
  • Finding inspiration through the works of others
  • Building and strengthening your self confidence
  • Energizing and motivating you to succeed
  • Finally become fearless
  • How to learn to love and live with awareness

about ian unleashYou were born to express the talents and gifts that you possess within you. There’s no one else like you on this planet and there will never be anyone like you again. It’s time to embrace your power and share your potential.

Personal Development isn’t easy. It’s not hard either. It’s just a process. One where you begin to take 100% responsibility for yourself and your life. That means your whole life: your state of mind, your health, your finances, your habits, your relationships, your emotions and more.

This site will help make your personal development quest a little smoother. Just a little bit easier. Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.

True personal development isn’t about quick fixes and patch jobs. Self growth and discovery takes time, patience, persistence, humility, humor, and a good dose of love. Not only for yourself, but for your friends, colleagues, neighbors and really all the world. I don’t mean to sound cheesy but it’s true.

This site is a conversation. Between me and you. Between all the people that visit here each month. The more we engage the more we’re engaged. Present to the presence. Aware of our awareness. Anchoring into our lives a new way of being, seeing and doing.  With every word read, thought about, and tested we can discover our own personal truths. So make sure to join the conversation and leave me comments and suggestions whenever you can.

So Where To Begin Your Personal Development Journey?

There’s already tons of personal development material for you to choose from on the site. In the right sidebar are some of the more popular articles that get tons of traffic and shares.

The last year for me brought about some of the greatest personal revelations that I’ve ever experienced and some of the best writing that I’ve ever done.

I’ve broken down the articles on this starting point list into three main categories:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Inspiration and Motivation
  3. Law of Attraction

So with that in mind, here’s my recommended places to start for your personal development journey:

Personal Development Articles

Personal Development and Zombies: Personal development and zombies don’t usually get brought up in the same sentence. But in my crazy mixed up world somehow they’ve gotten smooshed together.

Personal Development Lady Gaga Style: We watch them on TMZ. We read about them on Perez. We talk about them to our friends, family and co-workers. The truth is we’re obsessed with celebrities. But there’s one person that is steadily stepping away from the rest of the pack and her name is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is a force of nature. Out of nowhere she burst onto the scene capturing people’s hearts and the medias attention. Whether you love her or hate her she’s here to stay. Catchy lyrics, outrageous costumes, and bad dance moves. What’s not to love?

4 Simple Ways To Push Past Your Boundaries: I heard an interesting story the other day about Koi fish. Not sure if it’s an urban legend or not. It said that Koi fish will only grow as large as their environment will allow for. For example if you place a Koi in a fish bowl it’ll only grow up to about three inches. If you took that same fish and placed it in a backyard pond it’ll grow to about eighteen inches. Most amazing though, is that if you place that same fish in a large lake, the Koi will grow to be about three feet or more.

Inspirational & Motivational Articles

Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People: There are ten powerful phrases that can transform lives. Well that’s what Rich Devos, the founder of Amway and author of “Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People” believes. He believes that maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging others are two vital keys to not only his success, but to achieving anything that you want in life.

And This Too Shall Pass: And this too shall pass has brought comfort, hope and humility to millions of people for some time now. This simple phrase, “And this too shall pass” has shown up in tattoos, rings, posters, and wall plaques. You name it and it might just well be on it. But however you say it, this simple sentence may help you on your journey in life.

The Call Of The New Paradigm: It’s part affirmation and part prayer, but it’s all inspiration. People all over the world use this little piece to start their day off on the right track.

Law of Attraction Articles

4 Manifesting Tips: Mastering the law of attraction takes practice. It’s not like were taught about the law of attraction in school. It’s something that we stumble upon when we’re ready. Or it’s a power we discover through insight. Or we’re taught the law of attraction through a friend,  a book or movie. However you’ve come to know the law of attraction in your life the truth is we usually need a little help with it at first. Some tips and tricks to get in the flow of co-creating.

The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule: Most people nowadays know of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Below you’ll find this statement interpreted all throughout the ages through all the major spiritual traditions of the world. But for now lets look at how we can combine the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule to get some amazing results.

10 Ways To Increase Your Attraction Factor: If your looking for simple techniques to have the Law of Attraction really working overtime in your life try these 10 simple techniques.


ONENESS – “We have Connection”

Everything and every single person is One with all things, each other and the very source of existence.

LAW – “We have Potential”

Our Consciousness creates creation. What we think about we bring about.

TRUTH – “We have Purpose.”

We all have our unique voice. Our voice is part of a collective song. True happiness will only come when we sing our song for the benefit of others.

PRESENCE – “We have Power.”

Presence is present in this very moment. Now is the moment of our being. This is where the power is. When we live in the present moment time melts away and our brilliant essence shines forth in all existence.

Thick Quick & Dirty About Ian

Ian Paul Marshall

  • Was mentored by and worked one-on-one with Leadership Expert and International Best-Selling Author Robin Sharma as his Online Leader
  • I love internet marketing and have developed and launched over $2 Million in products, grown social media communities by +200,000 and a bunch of other crazy stuff
  • Wrote my first book, “The Tiny Book of Stuff” at the age of 20
  • Went crazy in 1996 (Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder-Manic Depression)
  • Became medication free in 2002
  • Wrote a book about it called “You Can Heal Bipolar Disorder” that has inspired and helped people all over the world
  • Became a certified acupuncturist and had a thriving practice for awhile there
  • Initiated by the Dalai Lama in 2004 (Kalachakra)
  • Taught workshops for the Learning Annex
  • Trained the biggest massage and aesthetic departments in Canada at Toronto’s largest day spa
  • Created the World Peace Prayer & Meditation
  • Have written a couple of books now including, Find Your Soulmate: A Remarkable Story About the 5 Keys to Finding True Love, The Tao of Abundance: 101 Meditations to Turbo-Charge Your Prosperity Consciousness, and Your Great Awakening: 22 Keys to Transform Your Life

Interviews & Speaking

Ian is available for interviews and can also be booked to speak to your organization or at an event. Email him for details.

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Email: ianpaulmarshall at gmail dot com

Everyone’s looking for a magic bullet to propel them to success. But success is no easy road. It’s not even a straight line. Success is a tricky matter. Hard to pin down. Not that easy to define.Have you even thought about what success means for you?

Success can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask.