Ancient Wisdom For Modern Awakening

Ian Marshall —  October 1, 2009 — 1 Comment

Ancient Wisdom From The Land Down Under

by Ian Paul Marshall

ancient wisdom for modern awakeningWhen most people think of Australia images of koala bears, crocodile hunters and didgeridoos come to mind. But the land down under is also rich with a spiritual heritage that dates back thousands of years.

To find Australia’s hidden spiritual treasure one must turn their sights away from the countries modern cities and surftowns and journey into the outback in search of an ancient race of people whose stories trace back to the beginning of time itself.

A people that live close to the earth, respecting her sacredness, beauty and wisdom. They view themselves as mere custodians of the planet, nothing is truly theirs, and they do their best to work in harmony with nature and the seasons taking only what they need. A concept that is embodied in the statement “Tread Lightly”

Australia is spotted with various tribes and clans and it is from the Ya-dtmidungt people of southern region of the country that we have been graced with the following philosophies:

Everything Is One

Everything and every person is inextricably linked as part of one creative force, universal soul, sacred vitality. All we need to remind us of this truth, of this connection to all that surrounds us is our breath. For the air we breath connects us not only to each other but also to the world in which we live.

We Are All Creators In The Process Of Creating

Everything we do effects all that is around us. Realize that all our thoughts, words, actions, even animate and inanimate objects, impart their own energy or vibration upon the earth to form the ongoing creation of the world. The power is in our own hands. We are all creators in the process of creating

Now Is The Moment Of Your Being

A sacred and profound presence is deep within every form as our essential nature. A magical power that can only be found within the present moment of our lives. When we bring our thoughts to the present moment and begin to live in the now, all concepts of time, past and future, melt away. The veil of illusion is torn aside and our true essence is revealed. A perfect state of pure being.

A Varied Perspective Is The Key To Perception

While your truth and my truth are not the same, each person’s truth is equally valid. Therefore it is important to respect that someone else’s truth is as valid as your own. A varied perspectives is the key to perception.

Truth Is The Path

By living in harmony with your own truth, being true to the universe, true to each other and respecting the interconnectedness of all things, we find the true path of nature, secure health and well-being. We all have a song to sing and our songs make up the rhythm of life.

The beauty of the above philosophies is that no matter what your religious or spiritual backgrounds may be, the wisdom of the aboriginal people can aid you in your journey or spiritual quest. For in truth all paths lead to the same destination. May you tread lightly upon your own.

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