Can I Ask You Something? Something Personal?

Ian Paul Marshall —  November 6, 2011

Can I Ask You Something“Do you think you are being true to yourself? Do you think you are leading the life you are meant to live – the one that most honors the real you, celebrates your deepest values and respects your highest dreams?”

This by far is my favorite part of Robin Sharma’s new book, “The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari“.

It’s a tough question. One that so many people are afraid to answer. Why? Because it hits us right at the core of our being. Making us seriously look at our lives. Seeing them for what they are. Asking us if we are truly living our passions, following our dreams and using our gifts and talents in such a way that we do what we can to make a dent in the universe.

When we’re not being true to ourselves we suffer. When we’re not exploring who we are our lives become lifeless. If we don’t take the time to discover what we’re all about, what our hopes and dreams are, what we’re passionate about, and what is truly important in our lives we go through life in a haze.

I believe that each and every one of us has something that we’re meant to do. That the world needs us to share the best of ourselves in some way. That our story can and will inspire others to live their best lives. That by not sharing the best of ourselves we are robbing the world of a precious opportunity.

So how can we start to live our best lives?

There’s no easy answer to this. If there was we’d all be out there crushing it. But I do think if you’re willing to carve out a little time to really dig into the essence of yourself you’ll be amazed by what you’ll discover.

To make things a little easier here’s 5 Questions To Ask Yourself:

1) What is most important in my life?

2) What are my gifts and talents?

3) What activities do I love to do?

4) What comes naturally to me?

5) What kind of problems do people always ask me to help them with?

Block off some time on a Sunday afternoon and really think about these questions. Answer them as honest as you can. Then compare your answers to how you’re currently living your life.

If you’re miles away from being true to yourself – well then you’ve got yourself an opportunity there. One that will lead you to your own adventure.

Have fun. Make money. Change the world.


P.S. Please share this with your friends and family to help them live their best lives. Thanks!