Can People Change?

Ian Paul Marshall —  August 10, 2010

Can people changeCan People Really Change?

“It’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve.” Professor Barnhardt ~ The Day The Earth Stood Still

I watched a TV special about a hooker the other night.

She started turning tricks when she was 16.

Lost her virginity on her first call.

She would have probably ended up dead in a hotel room somewhere but something special happened.

She got pregnant.

And that was the turning point for her.

She’s now cleaned up, has a job and is actually studying law at one of Canada’s most prestigious schools.

So the question I have to ask you is, “Do you think people can change?”

I’m not talking about BIG change. This post  has nothing to do with World change.

I’m talking about individuals. A single person. Just like the girl from the story above. She was a hooker. The lowest of the low in some peoples eyes. And I bet tons of people had written her off as a lost cause.

But eventually she changed.

When we ask ourselves the question, “Can people change?” I think we’re on the brink of losing hope.

We feel impotent and at our wits end. Wondering what we can do to help a friend or family member that may have lost their way.

It’s terrible to experience this in your life. But you have to hold on. You have to believe that there’s the faintest flicker of hope still sleeping deep within them.

I believe that people can change.

I’ve seen it, continue to see it and have personally experienced it in my own life first hand.

I’ve seen thieves become cops.

Pigs become amazing fathers and husbands.

Street-kids get off drugs, turn themselves around and make new lives for themselves.

The possibility is there.

It’s just waiting for the right conditions. For the right moment to happen.

But the torture that we face is wondering when and if that moment will ever come.

It may take them being pushed to the brink. Maybe they have to lose everyone and everything before they change.

But the potential is always there. It’s just hiding deep inside.

So what can you do if you find yourself watching a friend and family member turn to the darkside?

  • I think one of the most powerful things that you can do is to love them anyways
  • Be available and ready for that change to happen. Because if they do change they’ll need a friend along the way
  • Be an inspiration to them. Someone they can look up to.

The great mystic Osho said that, “A butterfly cannot prove to the caterpillar that it can become a butterfly. That is impossible. All the butterfly can do is provoke a sense of longing. That is possible.”

Keep open the door to your heart. It’s like a beacon of light in their night. It silently calls out saying, “I love you. I miss you. I believe in you. I’m here for you.”

I believe that people can change. And if you have a loved one who’s a little bit lost right now you should believe that they can change too.

On some energetic level they can still feel your love for them. So keep that signal loud and clear. Believe that they can change.

Be Inspirational!


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