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Robert Kiyosaki Keys To SuccessRobert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books which have inspired people all over the world said, “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

Let me break out those keys for you below…

The Three Keys To Success:

1) Have a strong desire.
2) Dream big.
3) Learn to handle disappointment.

According to Kiyosaki these three simple concepts can and will lead you to amass great wealth and fortune. They will spur you on when times are tough and help you through whatever difficulties you may face. And we all know that there’s bound to be some trouble lurking around a corner somewhere out there.

Let’s look at the three keys to success a little more…

Understanding The Three Keys To Success

Success Key 1 – Have A Strong Desire
Robert Kiyosaki teaches us that our success will be directly influenced by the strength of our desire. That if we have weak a desire we’ll have little success. But if we have a strong desire to achieve something then that passion will give us a sure path to success.

Why is that?

Say you want to start a business, what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal?

Are you willing to stay up late and get up early to work on it?

Are you willing to drag your tired butt to networking meetings so that you can build up your business contacts?

Are you willing to knuckle down and hit the library to do some research in order to find out if your business idea is financially viable?

Are you able to live modestly for a couple of years while you build the business?

Heck, are you OK with eating macaroni and cheese diners for months on end because that’s all you can afford because you’ve socked away all your money into getting your dream off the ground?

Now can you see why all the great inspirational business people all throughout time will tell you to make sure that you have a burning desire to achieve that dream.

They know that if you don’t, at the first rough patch, you’ll bail on your dreams. Frustrating the potential that seeks to express itself through you.

Success Key 2 – Dream Big
Success is going to be measured by the size of your dream according to Mr. Kiyosaki. Now what could he mean by that?

Our dreams need to rip us from the current comforts of ourselves and hurl us into unknown worlds. That way we can be challenged to grow. We can be forced to bring out the best of ourselves.

Big dreams motivate other people as well. They draw them into your life. Inspiring them to help you with your quest. Giving them a chance to express their own gifts and talents through your vision.

But even more importantly, having a big dream should really motivate and inspire you. Your dreams should lift you high. And when you reach and achieve those heights all of existence is made better by your efforts.

Success Key 3 – Learn To Handle Disappointment
Now the last thing that Robert Kiyosaki wants to do is discourage you. That wouldn’t serve any real purpose for him or you.

All the great leaders and motivators within the world want you to go for it. They want you to live your best life.

But they want you to know that there’s going to be some hard times. You’re going to get knocked down, beat up and face your fair share of disappointment. And they want to make sure that you’re ready for it. That you’re going to dust yourself off and try again. That you’re ready and willing to tap into the immeasurable power that is within you and use those resources to give it your best shot.

Will you be able to pick yourself up and dust yourself off to face yet another challenge? Or will you crumble and fall under the pressures of the world and what you’ll inevitably face to achieve your dreams?

Your success will be determined by how you handle disappointment and defeat. Handle it poorly and your world will be a reflection thereof.
But if you can handle defeat well and still hold your head up high after being thrown down to the ground, you will achieve the heights of which you set your sights upon.

So there your have it. Three keys to success: 1) Have a strong desire. 2) Dream big. 3) Learn to handle disappointment.

Now go out there and create your own success.

And remember to have fun, make money and change the world.


Find Your Passion

Ian Paul Marshall —  May 22, 2011

How to find your passionHow To Find Your Passion

You ever notice that the coolest and most energized people to talk to and hang out with are ones who are living their passions?

They’ve taken something that they love doing and turned it into a career or business.

They’re fired up. And even if it’s not something that you’re into you still find yourself mesmerized by them. They could go on and on about gardening – something that you may have no interest in at all – but because they’re so excited about it you start thinking, “Wow that sounds cool. Maybe I’ll give it a try.”

Well that person could be you.

Here’s Some Quick Ideas On How To Find Your Passion

1) Answer The Question

When I meet new people I like to ask them, “What are you passionate about?”

So let’s start there…

What are you passionate about?

No clue?

What get’s you fired up? What kind of books do you devour? I’m not talking about books like the Twilight series or the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’m talking about the non-fiction ones.

What section of the bookstore do you find yourself wandering into all the time?

What type of magazine do you read?

Look for these clues.

2) What Did You Love To Do As A Kid?

Well aside from jumping in puddles and squishing bugs. What things were you always doing when you were knee high to a grasshopper?

Was is it art projects?




3) What’s Your Secret Geeky Hobby?

Do you collect stuff? Do you make stuff? Maybe you can take what you’re already doing and expand it out into a passion that pays you.

4) Trendlining?

What are some emerging trends that you see happening?

Baby Boomers are retiring by the truckload. Can you work your passion into servicing that niche?

5) Do Stuff

I didn’t know that I liked writing until I tried. I didn’t know that I liked Internet Marketing until I got into it. I didn’t realize that I would love talking to crowds of people until I got in front of them.

So get out there and do stuff.

There’s five ideas to help you find your passion. Life is meant to be awesome. And doing what you love daily is a key to making that happen.

Have fun, make money, change the world.


P.S. I made that video at 1:30 in the morning. Hence the shaggy goatee and bad cropping. It’s my first video ever. Look for more video posts in the future.

P.P.S. Got a passion that you want to share? Or any ideas to help other people tap into theirs? Please share your comments below.

Dysons Secret To SuccessChai lattes, sunshine and a lazy sunday afternoon.

That’s an awesome day for me. And as I finished up my Chai and packed up my things nature called.

I wasn’t surprised. I had just gulped back a huge amount of frothy goodness.

Luckily there wasn’t a huge lineup for the loo (that’s how they say it in England I think).

I finished up, washed my hands and turned to find one of the weirdest contraptions I’ve ever seen.

I knew it was a hand-dryer. Well I guessed that it was hand dryer. It was in the spot where a hand dryer should’ve been.

I stared at it for a second. My feeble man brain trying to wrap itself around what I was actually seeing.

Here’s a picture…

Have you seen one of these before?

Like I said, it took me a second to really understand what I was looking at. Add on a couple more to actually figure out how to use it.

Then it was just pure awesomeness.

This is the best hand dryer I’ve ever used in my life. And I was curious as to what genius company figured out how to perfect this everyday piece of technology. So I looked around on the machine – guess who invented it?


That’s right. The guy who reinvented the vacuum cleaner. Seems like that just got his creative juices flowing. And he looked around the world and asked, “What else can I fix?”

And he did more than fix it. He made it awesome.

Dyson’s Key To Success

James Dyson had this to say about why he created the best hand dryer in the universe, “You put your hands under other dryers, rub them a bit, then give up and wipe your hands on your trousers. It’s something that’s always annoyed me.”

It was something that always pissed him off. And he figured that if it made him mad it probably was annoying millions of other people every day.

And that’s the trick right there. The secret sauce of success.

You don’t have to be a genius.

Just fix something that’s broken.

Take a problem that a bunch of people are having and fix it.

So the challenge for you today is to look at life through the eyes of James Dyson. Look around and see what’s broken.

Then ask yourself three questions:

  1. Can it be fixed?
  2. Are there tons of people with this same problem?
  3. Are they willing to pay money for a solution to that problem?

And then cut me a check for 10% of the profits.

Remember to have fun, make money and change the world.


Stop working - start wonderingIt’s time to stop working. Stop answering emails, putting out fires, creating to do lists, finishing those to do lists, and going to meetings. It’s time to stop everything that makes up an average day in the “working” world. It’s time to put on the brakes.

There’s nothing wrong with doing all those things. That’s the oomph needed to get things done.

But success is more than crossing things off your checklist.

Success is about pushing yourself and your business farther than you’ve been before. It’s about creating more value. Connecting deeper with your clients and customers. And truly bringing to life unimaginable excellence in everything that you do.

But it’s hard to make that leap because we’re all so busy. Continue Reading…