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The Remembering Shambhala Exercise…
The road to success is to be created within your mind. Your mind is amazing and it’s the chief tool you’ll use to create the world and life of your dreams.

A student must perfect their skills before they can be called a Master. So we’ll begin to train and transform our minds to become, as the Buddhists like to say, “A wish fulfilling gem.

Remembering Shambhala is simple and can be done at any time during the day. I would recommend to practice this exercise either in the morning shortly after you wake or in the evening a little bit before you go to bed.

Shambhala is a Sanskrit term meaning “place of peace, tranquility, and happiness”. Shambhala is believed to be a mythical society where all the inhabitants are enlightened.

It’s time now to transform your own world into Shambhala.

My Personal Shambhala Exercise

1) Take out a piece of paper and a pen.
2) On the top of the paper write “My Personal Shambhala”
3) Put the date on the page but make it one year in advance.
4) Write out the sentence, “What an awesome year it’s been!”
5) Before you move on, think about all the things that you’d like to
change in your life. What would you change to bring your more
happiness, peace, tranquillity, prosperity.
6) Now write out all the different aspects of your life that you’d like changed as if they’ve already been accomplished. It could be anything. Like a “perfect relationship” or “perfect home” or “the trip around the world” or “more amazing friends” etc. Make this as rich, vivid and juicy as you like.
7) Read it nightly.
8) See it.
9) Feel it.
10) Every day for the next 90 days take some sort of action to make this vision your reality.

I hope this helps…

Be awesome!


Law of Attraction Tips

Law of Attraction Tips – Part 1

This is Part One of Ten in a Law of Attraction Series that will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

10 Law of Attraction Tips

  1. It’s OK to want, to be and to have more.
    The Universe seeks expression. That expression happens through you. Like Marianne Wilson said, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” It’s your dreams and accomplishments that inspire others to try to share the best of themselves with the world.
  2. Don’t worry so much about the how.
    Just begin to take action now. What is one small step that you can take right now that’ll move you closer to your goal?
  3. Get in alignment with your desires by being it now.
    You want to be rich then start respecting the laws of money. You want to attract your soul mate then start to be lovable now. You want a new job well be grateful for the one you have now. Continue Reading…

The Law of Attraction

Ian Paul Marshall —  January 29, 2010 — 1 Comment

The Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction: 4 Manifesting Tips

Mastering the law of attraction takes practice. It’s not like were taught about the law of attraction in school. It’s something that we stumble upon when we’re ready. Or it’s a power we discover through insight. Or we’re taught the law of attraction through a friend,  a book or movie.

However you’ve come to know the law of attraction in your life the truth is we usually need a little help with it at first. Some tips and tricks to get in the flow of co-creating.

Here are 4 tips to help you manifest your desires with the law of attraction:

  1. Get Clear
    Get clear on what it is that you really want to attract into your life. Determine exactly what it is. We tend to work from a place of knowing to clearly what we don’t want. Turn that around and discover what you DO want. Continue Reading…

Secret To Success

Ian Paul Marshall —  January 26, 2010 — 6 Comments

The Multimillionaires Secret To Success

Secret To SuccessWhen bestselling author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield of the “Chicken Soup for Your Soul” fame had the good fortune to work for the multimillionaire W. Clement Stone, the uber-successful Stone had this to sage advise to pass along to Jack.

Wisdom that will echo throughout time and that you can find in Jack’s amazing book the Success Principles:

“Taking one hundred percent responsibility means you acknowledge that you create everything that happens to you. It means you understand that you are the cause of all of your experience.

If you want to be really successful, and I know you do, then you will have to give up blaming and complaining and take total responsibility for your life — that means all your results, both your successes and your failures. That is the prerequisite for creating a life of success.

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Good Luck What Is It Really?

Ian Marshall —  September 20, 2009 — 1 Comment

Good Luck

flc“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

So what does it mean to be lucky? Or what has happened when we run into a string of good luck?

I think the quote above by Thomas Jefferson can give us a couple clues on the subject of good luck and how we can draw more of it into our lives.

First of all is believing in luck or believing that you are actually a lucky person is the start of the process. Another way of saying this in Law of Attraction terms is to believe that the universe will and does conspire in your favor. That whatever it is you hold within your mind with a feeling of completion shall eventually be yours.

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Utilizing The Law of Attraction

by Jack Canfield


The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life–whether wanted or unwanted–whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to.


You are constantly giving off vibrations of energy when you think and feel. These vibrations can be picked up and received by other people. That’s why people say, “he has good vibes,” or “he gives off bad vibes.” You are constantly giving off vibrations — literally!


If you’re feeling excited, enthusiastic, passionate, happy, joyful, loving, appreciative, abundant, prosperous, relaxed and peaceful, you are giving off positive vibrations.

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The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule


Combining The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule

by Ian Paul Marshall

Most people nowadays know of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Below you’ll find this statement interpreted all throughout the ages through all the major spiritual traditions of the world.

But for now lets look at how we can combine the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule to get some amazing results.

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The Trace Back Process


It’s been said that we live in a dream world. That we’re surrounded by dreams. In the Kyballion the Three Initiates say that ALL IS MIND. But have we ever stopped to think about this?

Even the Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

So this is a little round about way or experiment to help us realize the power that we have…

The Trace Back Process Experiment

You’re in front of a computer, reading these words.

Question: Where did the computer come from?

Answer: From the store and the store got it from the manufacturer. The creator of the computer.

Q: Where did the creator get the computer from?

A: The creator had an idea for a computer, designed it in detail and then created it. So the computer came from an idea in the Creators mind.

Q: What else is near you?

A: A coffee cup.

Q: So where did the cup come from?

A: It was a gift from my father in law. He bought it in a store and the store bought it from a wholesaler. The wholesaler bought it from its creator.

Q: So where did the creator get it from?

A: The creator had an inspirational idea for a coffee cup, designed it in detail, and then created it. So it came from an idea within the Creator’s mind.

Now look around you and whatever your eye falls upon ask yourself, “Where did this come from?” Let yourself trace it back. Practice this process several time this week.

Is the following statement true and in accordance with what you have learned?


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Co-Creating Creation

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Become A Co-Creator of Creation

co-creationThere is one Awesome Power flowing through all the Universe. It penetrates and permeates both the seen and unseen realms. It is a power for good that is ever present and calls us always to our own divine glory. I call this power Spirit, Creator, the Source.

I know now that I am always one with this power. Forever together in a bond of boundlessness. I know this amazing Spirit works for me because is works through me. And I know that I am truly blessed, for I have been given dominion over my own life and have received the gift of free will.

I accept this gift now.

I open myself to the divine flow of Spirit. I can feel the confidence of my creator wash over me and find myself at ease in this moment. A new certainty comes over me as I know and feel that the universe responds to my command. I shall but say the word and mountains shall move. I shall steer my thoughts to splendor and I will be clothed in garments of light. I dream a dream and know well that it is a reality.

In this magnificent moment I call out to the Infinite Spirit that flows through me and all the Universe and I give thanks for the blessing I call my life. I honor this sacred gift and choose now to create a world worthy of me, my children and all of humanity. I am filled with courage to pursue my dreams. I am filled with the power to make those dreams a reality. I am an infinite Child Of God and I bow down in deep reverence to the miracle of life itself.

Knowing well that my words are full of power and light I release them to the Universal Law of life. I am certain that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.


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Sleep & Grow Rich

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Do you want to know an easy way to be wealthy? Of course you do. Who doesn’t. That’s why there’s all those get rich quick schemes within the world. We’re all looking for happiness. And we all are a little bit lazy, that’s why we spring at the chance to make a quick buck. But alas those get rich quick schemes never work.

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