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“Nothing happens unless first we dream.”

Carl Sandburg

It all begins with a dream. A brief glimpse into the pure source of reality. A flash of light that dazzles the eyes and captures the heart. A soft whisper that calls your forward on an adventure down a road that you never knew existed before. An overwhelming feeling or yearning that propels you forward and lifts you to new and vast expanses of beauty and wonder.

Trust in this moment and permit yourself the freedom to dream again. It’s your dreams that can take you to wherever your heart may want. Your dreams will give fire to the passion to pursue the journey. Your dreams are the only things that will bring you closest to the creator.

For as you give birth to them you truly give birth to yourself.

Do you remember your dreams? The ones that you locked deep inside. The ones that you were scared to share with your family and friends. Those wishes that you held close to your heart because you were scared that if you let them go they would be gone forever. Those secret longings of your sacred self. The silent sunsets of your heart.

Of course you do.

It’s Time For You To Dream Your Highest Thought Into Existence

Dare to dream again. Don’t be afraid to have dreams. Dreams that are your own. Dreams that stretch your limits. Dreams that challenge your current way of life. Dreams that keep you awake all night because you don’t want to lose that stream of inspiration.

Dreams can frighten you because it’s through these visions of yourself that you realize your potential is unlimited. That what you’re doing right now is not good enough. That the life you dream about other people are living in this moment. People that aren’t smarter, or prettier or luckier than you. Just people that have had the courage to risk it all and dream.

It’s time for you to dream your highest thought into existence.

It’s time to create a new vision of yourself.

You have the chance to step beyond your current mold and your current life so that you can go for your dreams.

Dream And Live Your Dreams One Day At A Time

Understand deep within your heart that you’re never given a dream without being given the strength and courage to see it through. All dreams take time. All dreams take planning. All dreams take hard work and a strong heart.

Think of the morning when you wake, by passively starting your day without a thought or glance the dreams of the night before slip from your memory. It’s the same for the dreams that are locked within you.

You need to give your dreams attention, focus and care. They need to be nurtured and brought to life. Dream and live your dreams one day at a time. Step by step. It’ll be those same steps, made so long ago, that will lead you to your paradise.

Be patient. Be persistent. Be a dreamer.

Ask For Your Dreams

The world needs dreamers. Life rewards the dreamers and believers. Don’t be swayed by the dream stealer’s. Don’t be influenced by the fears of others.

As you begin to dream you will have to fight. You will fight against yourself and a world that’s afraid of you realizing your dream. For many within the world are afraid to dream and they will project their fears on you.

By pushing on, by going the distance, by living with the hardships and the rejections, life will ultimately step aside and allow you through. Life will give you what you ask of it. So why not ask for it all. Ask for your dreams.

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