Even If You Stumble

Ian Paul Marshall —  October 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

Even if You Stumble

Moving forward, making the leap, taking a chance. We hope, we pray and we hesitate. Worried. Watching. Waiting. Wondering…

“What will they think?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I’m wrong?”

And the answer to all of these is…who cares.

Who cares what they think. Who cares if you fail. Who’s to say that you were wrong?

All that matters is what matters to you. All that matters is the movement toward your goal. Toward your dream. Toward unleashing the greater aspects of yourself.

And you will stumble. You will fall short of your goals. You will make mistakes. That’s just the way it is. And that’s the beauty of being human. Of being you. Of moving forward in spite of the fears, doubts and darkness.

And with each step you take you grow. In power. In wisdom. In joy. In experience.

Move forward because you want to. Because you have to. Because you are compelled to. Like there’s no other option. Because if you don’t, something inside of you will die. Something special. Something sacred. Something indescribable.

It’s better not to think. Just move. Take action. Go forward. Take that step. Because that next step may lead you on the journey of a lifetime.

And remember, “Even if you stumble you’re still moving forward.” ~ Unknown

Keep Being Awesome!


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