Global Awakening What Does That Really Mean?

Ian Marshall —  October 12, 2009 — 3 Comments

A Global Awakening Is Happening

aAwakening is word getting thrown around more and more nowadays but does any of us really know what this means?

What does awakening mean on a personal level? How about on a global level? How does awakening apply to business? What about family, schools, the arts…

Is every aspect of our lives being affected in some way? And what is happening really?

Maybe we can get some insight from the root meaning of the word Awaken: “to spring into being,” also,”to wake up;” “to rouse from sleep” or “to stir up, rouse to activity”. Source:

But what are we awakening to?

I posed the question on facebook, “What does the global awakening mean for you?” and here’s some of the responses:

“Global awakening means to me the evolution of consciousness to who and what we are as a being and a species along with the withheld information about humanities origins and our divine connection with God and the Universe.”
~ Shannon Ramon Jeffries

“Reaching the core, of our light body. Realization that humanity is one working mechanism. Activation of our dormant DNA strands that completes as part of our evolution. It means far much more.” ~ Priscilla Thompson

“We are not alone…” ~ Lama Pittman

“Interconnectedness, a conscious responsibility for our own evolution and leading by example.” ~ Maria Munoz

“Through earth and cosmic changes, evolving to a higher level of existence; becoming a more spiritual, loving, effective and responsible being.” ~ Heidi Herman

“When the harmonic resonance of collective consciousness and unconsciousness amplify ‘good’ ideals actions and dreams. When utopia over topples this current distopia of reality…” Lozza Natili

“It is the ripple effect. One person becomes enlightened, then his surroundings, then his community, his city, his country, his world, the universe at large. Everyone is Consciously living… and the realization that all is One.. is understood Consciously.. by all.” ~ Kalani George

As we can see the concept of a global awakening means different things to different people. Though if we look closely we can see some ideas that we may even call universal in relation to what this awakening means to me, you and the average joe next door:

Global Awakening Concepts

  • Remembering Our Connection To Source
  • Remembering Our Connection To Each Other
  • Realizing That We Are A Global Community
  • Taking Responsibility For Ourselves & Our Actions
  • Leading By Example
  • Being Conscious or Aware In Our Everyday Lives
  • Realizing That Heaven Is Here On Earth

A lot of people toss around the concept of universal love emerging within the hearts of all. That this love will enable the world to make the fundamental shift necessary to move into the next stage of human evolution. I think this is too much of a leap for the world to take right now.

You can’t fake a feeling. You can’t just walk up to someone and expect them to be down with the “All we need is love program.”

Later on. Further down the path yes. The individual will come to conclusion naturally. But at first they’ll just shut down, turn off, and tune out.

It seems that the most influential concept that may be necessary and easily accepted by everyone is the idea of our inherent connectedness.

Oneness. This concept of oneness or connectedness seems to be an idea that even my parents can understand and grab a hold of.

A little while back I began to explore this concept as it relates to sacred business. Here’s what emerged then:

In Buddhism the first “step” of Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path is called samyag-drsti in Sanskrit, and is usually translated as Right Understanding but a truer meaning, closer to the heart of the matter, and these times were in need more heart, would be more to the liking of Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision
This first step is something that is transformative on an individual level. It may come suddenly light a flash of insight or it may happen gradually over a number of years or a lifetime.

Sometimes it occurs because of deep anguish that washes over us because of a tragic loss. We then go off searching for deeper meaning and purpose in life. And for others it may come from a meditative experience or being fully present to some form of immense beauty like a sunset or a walk through a huge and ancient forest.

In any case the final results are usually the same.

We finally arrive at a point where a new and life changing vision of the world and our lives emerges.

We awaken to a new paradigm.

We’re given a glimpse of a world where we’re a part of an interconnected web of life. Where we see that the actions, thoughts, and words we do and use effect the whole. We see that the world is the way it is because we have made it so. A sense of awe and rapture begins to penetrate our existence.

And ultimately we begin to change because this experience feels more real than the lives we were living before that point.

The Canadian psychologist Richard M. Bucke, in his book “Cosmic Consciousness” 1902, describes this experience as a transpersonal mode of consciousness, an awareness of the universal mind and one’s unity with it.  Individuals develop a deep awareness of the life and order in the universe.

An individual who has and lives within this new world is often described as ‘Enlightened’ and such a person is also said to have a sense of immortality, not of attaining it but of already having it.

Burke believed that this new consciousness was the next stage of human evolution.

He believe that during the course of humanity’s evolutionary development there are three forms of consciousness.

* Simple Consciousness, our instinctual consciousness.
* Self Consciousness, that self-awareness that allows a human to realize himself as a distinct entity.
* Cosmic Consciousness, a new developing faculty at the pinnacle of our evolution.

Bucke outlines the evolutionary struggle on our planet which has produced self-consciousness and then describes the appearance of a new species that possesses cosmic consciousness, a consciousness that expands to become one with all. Bucke theorizes that, with increasing frequency, persons like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Walt Whitman and others are making their appearance on our planet and by their teaching are helping to transform life on this planet.

This evolutionary process continues up until today. Bucke studied the lives of these persons that had attained this new found awareness and found common characteristics such as:

* intuitive understanding
* elevated moral stature
* loss of sense of sin
* intellectual illumination
* sense of immortality
* no fear of death
* definite moment or period of transformation

“The person who passes through this experience will learn in the few minutes, or even moments, of its continuance more than in months or years of study, and he will learn much that no study every taught or can teach. Especially does he obtain such a conception of *the whole*…Along with moral elevation and intellectual illumination comes what must be called, for want of a better term, a sense of immortality.”

From his book he describes how those he interviewed had experienced the state:

“Like a flash there is presented to his consciousness a clear conception (a vision) in outline of the meaning and drift of the universe..He sees and knows that the cosmos…is in fact…in very truth a living presence. He sees that instead of men being, as it were, patches of life scattered through an infinite sea of non-living substance, they are in reality specks of relative death in an infinite ocean of life. He sees that the life which is in man is as immortal as God is; that the universe is so built and ordered that without any peradventure all things work together for the good of each and all; that the foundation principle of the world is what we call love, and that the happiness of every individual is in the long run absolutely certain.”

So in relation to a global awakening it seems that the first stage or step would be awakening to our Oneness.

Connectedness is a concept that is getting harder and harder to ignore. Be it the effects of our actions on the planet to being able to connect easily to people from every corner of the globe via social networks like facebook or twitter.And connectedness, like I said earlier, is something that even my parents can relate to.

Connectedness seems to be the first universally experienced concept that’s emerging within our awakening world.

Our connection to ourselves, each other and the planet.

The Mayan’s have a greeting, “In Lak’ech Ala K’in” it can be translated as “I am another you.” It’s interesting that now, in these awakening times, the universal wisdom of the Mayan’s is coming to the forefront. The old becomes new. The new becomes old. Old and new participate in the universal dance of life where all polarities dissolve into Oneness.

I am one with you and may the world awaken to Oneness.

In Oneness.


“For I know that we’re all one.
I’m another you
You’re another me
Me is transformed into We
and we’re all in this together.
So I reach out my hands and care for all of life
And I embrace all of the world
Knowing that I have truly touched
The very essence of my own existence.”

From the Call of the New Paradigm

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