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grwth“Life needs continuous growth. The moment you stop its growth, it starts dying. So go into the world full of songs, full of dance and abundant love, and give it unconditionally, without any judgment, to anybody who is receptive — and you will go on growing in the experience both deeper and higher.” OSHO

Lovers are the greatest givers. Giving their love. Giving themselves. Sharing their life. Moving and being moved by the motion of their hearts.

When we begin to fall in love we enter into a stage of accelerated growth. We expand our lives and live as if each moment of existence has grasped our hands tightly, and worried that the moment will pass us by, we hold on as fiercely as we can.

When we love we tap into the ever bountiful depths of existence. Which is a secret place hidden deep within us.

Love is the key that unlocks the guarded gates of our hearts and thrusts us deeply into adventures in the fertile fields of eternal bliss. Love pushes us past the confines and constraints of our old paradigms and programs.

Love is a crash course in Zen awareness. Each moment rivets us to the miracle of existence. And if we dive fully into the moment, we begun to realize that the miracles we discover there are merely reflections of our own inherent beauty.

So when we grow we are really having a moment whereby we have chosen to love again. To love ourselves. To fall in love with a fresh and romantic ideal of the way our lives could actually be.

Change is scary. Change is ominous. Change is a dark alley after midnight. Only the courage of love can give us the strength to venture forth into the unknown aspects of ourselves.

That’s why love makes us crazy. We need to be a little crazy to grow. To leave behind the known for the unknown.

The wisdom of love needs to push us past the boundaries of ourselves. Love needs to break us free from the shackles and chains that we’ve used to bind us to false notions of ourselves and how the world should be.

Growth is love. A universal blessing that pours through us and lifts us high so that we may see the silver lining of the clouds once more. Because when we grow, we love, and love fills us with hope, and hope is a power that propels us directly into the pure potentiality of our inner most selves.

Love is expressive, creative, and contagious. So when you want to grow seeks out ways to express yourself. Find time to recreate yourself. And let the fires of love be a spark that ignites the embers of others hearts. For our growth needs to be contagious. Our growth must inspire others to do the same. Not follow the same path, but to walk upon the unnamed streets that lead to cities made of dreams.

When it’s time to grow don’t struggle against people, things or circumstances. Just choose to love. Love the people, things and circumstances you currently find yourself surrounded. Transform the moment by being transformed yourself.

All great growth, all great change, and all great love, starts within. So go there now. Go there with love, and watch how your life will begin to grow again.

Be inspirational!


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