Happiness and Princess Crowns

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

Happiness Is A Princess Crown

The Art of Personal Happiness

Sometimes happiness is a very personal. Look at my son. What makes him happy is wearing a princess crown. I didn’t understand it at first but it didn’t matter for him.

When he wore that crown he was happy. Smiling all day. Feeling fantastic and majestic. Dare I say, even beautiful (read handsome for you manly men).

We can learn from this little guy doing his own thing.

Embracing Our Own Personal Happiness

Sometimes what makes us happy isn’t what makes others happy. We must discover the courage to pursue it even if we may find ourselves alone while we’re doing it.

I remember when I first heard about raves. I was really into techno at the time. My friends we’re sort of into it.

I really want to go to a rave.

They didn’t.

I didn’t care and I went…by myself…and had an awesome time (sober). I did all my raving sober which a lot of ravers didn’t believe when I told them that as they glanced down at my silver pants.

So I went and loved it. It was an awesome experience that if I left it up to them I would have never had.

4 Happiness Tips For Being Happy

  1. Realize that it’s OK to like things that your friends don’t
  2. Have the courage to go out and pursue the things that make you happy
  3. Share your experiences with other but don’t expect them to jump on your happiness bandwagon
  4. Connect with others that share the same interests. http://meetup.com is great for that.

Life is way to short not to enjoy it. So get on out there and start to wear your own princess crowns or silver pants.

You’ll be happier for it.

Be happy!