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Ian Paul Marshall —  May 22, 2011

How to find your passionHow To Find Your Passion

You ever notice that the coolest and most energized people to talk to and hang out with are ones who are living their passions?

They’ve taken something that they love doing and turned it into a career or business.

They’re fired up. And even if it’s not something that you’re into you still find yourself mesmerized by them. They could go on and on about gardening – something that you may have no interest in at all – but because they’re so excited about it you start thinking, “Wow that sounds cool. Maybe I’ll give it a try.”

Well that person could be you.

Here’s Some Quick Ideas On How To Find Your Passion

1) Answer The Question

When I meet new people I like to ask them, “What are you passionate about?”

So let’s start there…

What are you passionate about?

No clue?

What get’s you fired up? What kind of books do you devour? I’m not talking about books like the Twilight series or the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’m talking about the non-fiction ones.

What section of the bookstore do you find yourself wandering into all the time?

What type of magazine do you read?

Look for these clues.

2) What Did You Love To Do As A Kid?

Well aside from jumping in puddles and squishing bugs. What things were you always doing when you were knee high to a grasshopper?

Was is it art projects?




3) What’s Your Secret Geeky Hobby?

Do you collect stuff? Do you make stuff? Maybe you can take what you’re already doing and expand it out into a passion that pays you.

4) Trendlining?

What are some emerging trends that you see happening?

Baby Boomers are retiring by the truckload. Can you work your passion into servicing that niche?

5) Do Stuff

I didn’t know that I liked writing until I tried. I didn’t know that I liked Internet Marketing until I got into it. I didn’t realize that I would love talking to crowds of people until I got in front of them.

So get out there and do stuff.

There’s five ideas to help you find your passion. Life is meant to be awesome. And doing what you love daily is a key to making that happen.

Have fun, make money, change the world.


P.S. I made that video at 1:30 in the morning. Hence the shaggy goatee and bad cropping. It’s my first video ever. Look for more video posts in the future.

P.P.S. Got a passion that you want to share? Or any ideas to help other people tap into theirs? Please share your comments below.

2 responses to Find Your Passion

  1. Dear Ian,

    How wonderful to see and hear you in person:) I loved how you convey your message, sincere and from the heart…. Your soul looks beautiful with a shaggy goatee:)))))
    Keep inspiring !!!
    Love and Light
    Deniz Keller

  2. Hey Deniz! Thanks for the nice comments. The goatee missed it’s date with my beard trimmer about a week ago. Look for more of me via video in the future. I can really see me becoming a video blogging maniac.