Manifesting Wealth

Ian Paul Marshall —  March 19, 2010 — 4 Comments

Manifesting Wealth Methods From A Secret Millionaire

Manifesting WealthIf you want to increase your wealth, find financial freedom, or teach your children some easy to apply wealth creation secrets there are three key techniques to use. These wealth creating methods are simple, straightforward and rock-solid.

Yesterday I looked like a wreck.

It had been about two months since my last haircut. Which is ridiculous if you know me personally. My hair grows like a weed. I’m like a human chia pet. Give me two weeks and it’s time for a trim. (Thanks Dad for the good hair genes)

So there I was getting ready to go down the street to my local barber shop. Great bunch of guys who do great work to unlock the Adonis that’s within me.

But yesterday I was lazy. I didn’t feel like walking the five blocks down the road.

So I tried a new barber. (Read stylist) Her name is Cleopatra. Really it is. I checked.

She’s right around the corner from me. And she did a great job. Wife approved. But that wasn’t the most exciting thing about my haircut. You see Cleopatra had a secret…she’s a Millionaire.

The Secret Millionaire

You would never have guessed it from her modest shop, simple clothes, and welcoming smile. But this lady who helped me to look my best, had manifested wealth in a short period of time that would make anyone enviable.

I told her about how I make my living through personal coaching, books and blogging about personal development. And she told me how she’s manifesting wealth in her life. Three simple rock solid secrets that anyone can follow.

Sometimes we get caught up in the hype and madness of creating real wealth in our lives. Doing crazy things and spending tons of money on systems that just don’t work. We tend to forget the basics. But these three techniques have worked since money was first created.

Manifesting Wealth Secrets

Have A Goal
Goals focus our energy, give us direction, and provide us with a sense of purpose. Figure out what you’re aiming for and you’ve won half the battle.

Is it a new home?

A family vacation?

Our some education to boost your skill set.

Sit down and take the time to really identify one clear goal that you’d like to achieve in the next 1-3 years.

For my Secret Millionaire friend Cleopatra she wanted a home to raise her four kids in. That was five years ago.

She now owns three and her own personal business.

Live Within Your Means
Do you really need that mocha late frapacino? That new purse? Or to eat out two to three nights a week?

Simple little adjustments made to your spending habits can help you save thousands of dollars a year.

Save Your Money
Put your savings on automatic pilot through automated withdrawals to savings accounts. With the advance of technology it’s super easy to save.

10% savings per month is a good general rule.

3-6 months of expenses saved for emergencies.

Set-up a separate account for your goal items. That way you have money for both the rainy and sunny days ahead.

Cleopatra said that these were the three manifesting secrets she used to generate the wealth that she’s enjoying now.

Are you looking for some more manifesting wealth resources? Check out Gail Vaz-Oxlade. She’s the star of the hit show, “‘Til Debt Do U$ Part” and author of debt free forever. She’s got a lot of handy tools and planners on her site that’ll help you manifest the wealth you dream about and deserve.

4 responses to Manifesting Wealth

  1. Hey Ian,

    Great post my friend… always good to
    see people adding value to others. It’s usually
    the basics that people don’t want to do, because
    they think they’re to simplistic.

    But if one was to do the basics CONSISTENTLY,
    everything in life changes… thanks again:)

  2. Thanks for the comments Eric! You’re right. You have to lay the foundation before you build the house. Ian

  3. These 3 things are really basic and possibly just common sense, but we tend to be over-analytical about our lives that we forget about it. Very much like me. Thanks for reminding me. The only thing I am doing right now is having a goal, but I feel my goal is not that vivid enough, not solid enough to motivate me or to help me make it a reality.

  4. Hey there James. Thanks for the comments. Getting clear on our goal(s) is fundamental to success. Even just dedicating a couple minutes a day to living “as if” the goals have been achieved works wonders. Take the afternoon and sit down to write out clearly what you’re striving for. Then create an action plan of small steps that you can take right now. Ian

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