Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury Retrograde


This is to make you aware of the 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the 4 we will be experiencing this year.  This one goes from September 7th-29th.  It will go through the signs of Libra and Virgo.  Mercury Retrogrades represent the planet of communication (Mercury) going through what is termed a “backward” motion.  The planet never does go backward but seems to be when its rotation seems to “slow down” relative to that of earth.  When that happens, it is said that what the planet represents, in this case (communication), is affected adversely, thereby causing delays, frustration or challenges.  In some cases it can represent opportunities.

Mercury will be in the sign of Libra and this can represent challenges or delays in the areas of relations with others, signing contracts, legal matters overall, clarity in understanding situations, and even our own self worth.  Think before you speak, act, or sign is a good motto.  You may have the opportunity to resolve issues that have been lingering or the opportunity to reconnect with someone in that time as well.  You may in fact even find out information that you wished you never did.

When it goes into Virgo on the 19th, Virgo represents detail, service to others, ability to break a situation down to its smaller components, daily work, routine and health.  When it covers these areas, one may experience delays or challenges in these areas relative to what is happening in your own personal life.  There is also a tendency to try to be too perfect in this sign so do not be too hard on yourself if a work project or family matter does not work the you “expect” it to.

Retrogrades are not necessarily “bad” experiences or situations per se, but can also help us to come to terms with a lingering situation that has been causing us problems for sometime.  The key is to work with the energy pattern at that time in order to fully realize the lesson(s) available and to empower yourself in doing so.

By Robert Petrungaro

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