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bttrfly-org“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” ~ Unknown

Nothing is fixed. Everything’s evolving. All things are in a constant state of becoming. You, me and even the stars.

We forget that sometimes.

Becoming rigid in our views of the world, each other and even ourselves.

But this life is mere putty. To be shaped by a set of skilled hands that are our own.

This is what we must remember.

That we make ourselves into whatever it we choose.

This is the blessing and sometimes the curse of freewill. We have the power to direct our thoughts, words, emotions, actions and press our will upon the formless realms of existence. This then gives rise to form. Giving birth to ourselves.

Change happens in the unseen realms of our lives. With each choice that we make we collapse potentiality into reality. The images that we hold within our minds and hearts get outpictured into our lives.

Life is but a feedback loop of the process that is happening within you.

So how can we transform our lives and use this inherent power that is within us?

6 Ways To Become Better Co-Creators Of Creation:

  • Meditate daily. Just set aside a little time and focus on your breath
  • Take an extra moment to tune into your inner self when your about to choose
  • Take five minutes to reflect on your day
  • Substitute thoughts of good and bad for skillful and unskillful
  • Take five minutes to vision your future
  • Have fun. Laugh, play and give thanks for the miracle that is your life.

Little changes can and do lead to big results.

Be inspirational!


Inspiring You To Greatness!

2 responses to Metamorphosis

  1. Thank you Ian, it is always a pleasure and uplifting reading your mail, which I have been doing for a year now. Thank you for all the effort you put in to help make this world a better place, it is a privilege and blessing knowing you. Shine On Beautiful Soul!

  2. ianpaulmarshall January 18, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    I am humbled.

    Thank you so much Lorreta!

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