The Moment Day 20

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The Present Moment Day 20

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Think not of today as a new day, but as a fresh start and a new life. Upon the morn life is renewed, the world is refreshed, and you are reborn.

On this day see yourself walking through the temple of awakened awareness, and all that you bear witness to is sacred beyond measure. Realize that all of life, including yourself, is vibrating with joy and is held together with love.

How can you not feel awe and wonder while gazing out upon the supreme dazzling magnificence of creation.

A true first step that the world is taking toward its own amazing revelation is our awakening to the reverence for all of life.

We’re living in a moment where at any time we may find ourselves falling to our knees because of the sheer beauty of life. Offering heartfelt thanks for the simplest of miracles, like the wind dancing through the autumn leaves.

The Magic Is This Moment Waiting For You

We’re all finally discovering the true magic that surrounds us. If you would but direct your awareness to the simplest of things, even the tiny blade of grass, if you would but give yourself into it fully, the universe itself would shutter and lift back the veil of creation.

In that moment of awakened awareness you would see into the source of all things and the wisdom of ages would be yours.

This is a time for celebration.

You Spiritual Life Is Your Whole Life

Bathe yourself in the light of the midday sun. Lose yourself in the color of the blue sky. Sway with the green trees on a spring day. Look upon the stars within the night and understand that you are from the same dazzling source. The magic is there waiting for you. The magic is all around you. The magic is you.

Many people within the world are wondering what they can do to help shift humanities consciousness. They’re asking how can they serve. They’re wondering how they can bring themselves closer to holiness. They feel lost in their dry and routine 9-5 worlds.

Breathe easy for the place you are in is the place of which your work is to be done. Be there until you’re no longer needed to be. Be strong in your presence of peace and joy. Share that presence with all those around you. Share a kind word and warm embrace.

You spiritual life is your whole life. There should be no difference.

All Work Is Divine Work

While at work, at play or in deep meditation, in every moment bring your mind to rest upon the presence of pure and radiant awareness that is always available to you.

Turn your days of work and toil into magical experiences. Tune your mind toward love, and as you do so, you will make every moment, and everything that you do sacred.

You are where you are for a reason. To awaken all those that you encounter to the presence of love and awareness. Bring that presence with you everywhere. Be fully present and aware.

Pray With Your Being And In Turn You End Up Being The Prayer

When the tide of your life is ready to change you will know it, for the currents of love will sweep you along to new places. You will have become perfect in your efforts and will be ready to move on to the greater potential of your true self.

Flow freely into every moment. Be present to the sacred magic of this moment wherever you are. Be peace. Be Joy. Be Love. Be a witness to the real and eternal presence that dwells inside and is veiled in every aspect of your life.

Be alive and reveal that mystery to everyone you encounter.

All work is divine work.

Tune your thoughts toward a deeper source and be thankful for every waking moment of your life. Pray with your being and in turn you end up being the prayer. A prayer that you may share with everyone and bring with you everywhere that you go.

Your work is the work of awareness. Your life is to be alive in that work.

The Moment Day 20 Exercise

This days meditation is a waking and walking meditation. This day I would love you to bear witness to the everyday miracles of your life. Be it from the air that fills your lungs to the legs that move you down the street. Just become acutely aware of the magic and miracle of yourself and your life.

I have a simple meditation that I do everyday. I think it’s easy for me because I live in the largest city within Canada so I see lots of people. But whenever I see someone less fortunate than myself I give thanks for the many blessings that are in my life.

Say I see someone that is angry or frustrated I give thanks for all the peace in my life. Say someone walks past me and they’re blind I give thanks for my vision. If I see someone panhandling on the street I give thanks for the roof that’s over mine and my families heads and all of the abundance that is flowing into my life.

On and on this list can go but it’s time for you to create your own list. Have fun today!


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