Relaxing Into Happiness

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

relaxing into happiness

A simple happiness tip.

Sometimes all we need to do to discover happiness it to relax.

Sailor Bob Adamson asked, “What’s wrong with this moment if you stop thinking about it?”

It’s powerful question.

One that releases us into the freedom of the moment and the wellsrping of happiness that hides within us.

Happiness is there.

It’s hiding behind all the mind-stuff that we bring to the situations in our lives.

In any given moment we look at events in our lives through colored vision. It’s influenced by past events, preconceived notions, regrets, past hurts. Or the happiness of the moment is covered up by our future hopes and fears.

So happiness is there.

We’re just not noticing it. We’re not paying attention to it. Not being aware of it.

So an easy way to do that is to just stop. Stop the mind chatter and the conceptions that we bring to this moment and just relax.

Relax into happiness.

Become aware of happiness.

Fall freely into the joy that’s there in your heart.

And if you’re caught up in the everyday momentum of your life and you feel your happiness slipping through your fingers we can come back to the wisdom of Sailor Bob and ask ourselves,

“What’s wrong with this moment if I stop thinking about it?”

Go on and ask.

Be happy!


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