Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 19, 2011

Bigger Than OurselvesYou ever been swept up in something so big it really breaks you free from the person you were before? Maybe you’ve experienced that feeling from a movie, a concert? Maybe during a rally or march? Or maybe even from love itself?

Something that touches a deeper part of you? That moves you? Connects you to the world in a such a way that you no longer feel alone?

It’s happened to me in several different ways. All of them special and unique. All of them connecting me with the greatness that lies within. And revealling to me that we all are bound together in oneness.

There’s one such moment that I’ve been honored to help champion over the years. A movement that I am humbled and grateful to be a part of – and that’s Peace Day.

I have the privilege to stand with people from around the world raising their voices for peace. An effort spearheaded by my dear friend and inspiration Lynne Hazelden of Peace In Our Lifetime.

This year she has amassed a huge community of people from around the globe to celebrate peace.

Wanna play with us?

Here’s what you can do…

Click here and check out everything that’s happening worldwide…you may be surprised by what you find.





© Ian Paul Marshall

There Is One Peace, One Power, One Presence that permeates and penetrates all the universe. It is a Force for Good. It is the Source of all Existence. It is alive in all things. It is an Energy available to all humanity and is present now in this very moment.

I realize now that I am a pillar of Peace. I know that I am one with this Power. This Glorious Presence is the very foundation of my being. This Cosmic Energy flows through me and connects me to all humanity.

I choose now to use the mighty power of my mind to create a world worthy of us all. I steer my thoughts toward Peace, Love and Co-Operation and I can see all the people of the world joined together in a Joyful Celebration of Life.

This energy that I release transforms this moment and all eternity. Generations to come shall be blessed with a world founded upon Peace. For I know now that Peace begins with me and is Humanities rightful legacy. A legacy that I live out daily with all my thoughts, words and actions.

Peace is here now!

Peace is here Forever!

I give thanks for this sacred moment of Peace. I give thanks for an eternity of Peace. I give thanks for my global family who lives in Peace. I give thanks for the bonds of love that bind us together and give us strength and courage to create the world of our dreams.

A Peaceful World.

A Loving World.

A World Full Of Infinite Possibilities.

I am One with all of Existence. I am One with the Source of Life itself. I am One with the Presence of Peace and I share these blessings with all the world.

I know that my words are filled with Truth and Power and I release them to the Universal Law of Life. I know that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.

Peace. Peace. Peace.