Is Success Staring You In the Face?

Ian Paul Marshall —  February 21, 2013 — 2 Comments

success is simple

Sometimes success is staring us right in the face. Take the story of two young furniture designers who are lighting up the home decor industry.

vincent paul georgeson misewell mini

Vincent and Paul Georgeson founders of the award winning design company Misewell have a simple mission, “Create beautiful furniture that will last for decades.”

In a recent interview on Dwell Paul said that, “We want our pieces to look great in 30 years rather than turning into hideous eyesores. We want our customers to pass this stuff on to their grandkids.”

And so far that idea is working. They’ve won awards and become the darlings of the home design world.

Misewell began as a conversation between two brothers.That conversation slowly evolved into a furniture collection, which grew into an award winning design company. 

They Do Well by Doing Good

home misewell image 1 mini

Many moons ago Benjamin Franklin said, “Do well by doing good.” And the two brothers have really taken this to heart.

Misewell is built on doing things responsibly. They carefully select the best materials, work with the most talented craftsmen, and design meaningful objects that truly stand the test of time. They create our furniture exclusively in the United States, and respect our planet.

Success – It’s Simpler Than You Think…

Vincent and Paul take a simple approach to expanding their furniture line – They look for what’s missing.

Obvious right? There it is staring you right in the face all along.

No reinventing the wheel. No billion dollar research lab. No team of witchdoctors and clairvoyants trying to see into the future. Success is much more obvious and simpler than that.

So many times we think that we have to split the atom, turn water into wine, or unlock the mysteries of the universe in order to be successful.

But those are really just our fears lying to us. Trying to convince us that to be successful and get what we really want out of life we have to be some kind of miracle worker.

This is rarely the case.

More often than not success comes down to the tiny, simple and most obvious things.

Things like…

Loving what you do.

Doing what you love.

Creating products and services that actually help.

Showing up every day.

Doing your best.

The big challenge for us is to not give into our fears. To not be swayed by the illusion that greatness is only for a chosen few. To not be fooled into thinking that success is a hidden and complicated process.

Don’t overcomplicate things The answer is obvious.

Like the Georgeson brothers have discovered – sometimes all you have to do is look around and see what’s missing.


Keep being awesome!



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2 responses to Is Success Staring You In the Face?

  1. Well said Ian.

    Simplicity and Clarity – key ingredients for success

  2. Hey there Judy! So true. We all have a tendency to over-complicate things. A lot of times all we have to do is remember that a lot of the time the most obvious answer is probably the right one.

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