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4 Simple Ways To Push Past Your Personal Boundaries

I heard an interesting story the other day about Koi fish. Not sure if it’s an urban legend or not.

It said that Koi fish will only grow as large as their environment will allow for.

For example if you place a Koi in a fish bowl it’ll only grow up to about three inches. If you took that same fish and placed it in a backyard pond it’ll grow to about eighteen inches.

Most amazing though, is that if you place that same fish in a large lake, the Koi will grow to be about three feet or more.

So the fish’s growth it totally dependent on the environment it’s placed in.

This is similar to our own lives and the undo limitations that we place on ourselves.

We’ll only grow as far as we give ourselves permission to.

So if you want your life to grow, shatter your bowl.

Break free from the fears and doubts that are holding you back.

Realize that the boundaries and limitations that are in your life are more often than not self imposed prisons.

If your going to impose anything on yourself why not impose greatness? Continue Reading…