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a new approach to goal setting

A young man nervously approached the Buddha…

He had been coming to hear the Master speak for weeks now. Seeking solace and an answer to what had been plaguing him.

After waiting patiently he finally had his chance to ask the Buddha a question, “Wise one, my mind is in a knot, my sleep is restless and my emotions are a sea of chaos. What should I do?”

The Buddha reached for a glass of water that rested on a table beside him. He bent forward from his chair and gathered into his hand a palmful of dust and dropped it into the glass.

He motioned the man forward and said, “Look into this cup and tell me what you see.”

The man answered him, “The water has become cloudy.”

“Your mind is the same young man. But watch and see what happens when I place this glass on this table for a moment.”

After a short while he asked the man to look inside the glass, “Tell me what you see now young man?”

“The water has become clear and the dust has settled to the bottom of the glass.”

And the Buddha looked deeply into the mans eyes and said, “So to is it the way with the mind. If we become quiet for but a moment everything becomes clear.”

Letting the dust settle…

Each year, more than 100 million people make New Year’s Resolutions in the U.S…

…and each year, more than 88 million people FAIL at accomplishing what they set out to achieve at the start of the year.

That’s why I don’t make resolutions anymore.

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a moment of mindfulnessThe first time I heard this saying my whole world stopped. It was as if all the wisdom of the universe had been squeezed and squished into three little sentences.

These three lines have changed my life. So much so that I’m going to get them tattooed on my forearm. A life mark so to speak. A subtle reminder of the wisdom and the power that sleeps within each and every one of us.

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.”
The Buddha

This post is part of Monday morning series called “Moment of Mindfulness”. If you enjoyed it you’ll probably love “The Tao of Abundance: 101 Prosperity Meditations To Supercharge Your Wealth Consciousness.

Living With Purpose

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 3, 2010

living with purposeLiving With Purpose Can Help You Through Your Dark Nights

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ~ Robert Byrne

The Buddha was a motivated man and really he had to be. He was on a mission. To discover a means to end the suffering of humanity. No small task if you ask me. Continue Reading…

buddha-stoneHow To Become A Buddha In 5 Weeks

Today, I spoke to Prof. Giulio Cesare Giacobbe, who is author of How to Become a Buddha in 5 Weeks: The Simple Way to Self-Realization.  In this interview, Prof. Giacobbe talks about the Buddha, how the Buddha’s teachings have been hidden in mysticism, that the Buddha was a shrewd psychologist and more…

There’s tons of Buddhist books out there. What’s different about How To Become A Buddha In 5 Weeks?
All the Buddhist books out there are about the Buddhist tradition created by other people after the Buddha’s death. My book is about Buddha’s teachings.

What is a Buddha?
A person which has conquered the 5 Powers:

  1. Control of the Mind
  2. Presence In Reality
  3. Consciousness of Impermanence
  4. Non-Attachment
  5. Universal Love

The title of your book is “How To Become A Buddha In 5 Weeks” so are you saying that most people think that enlightenment is a complicated process and really it’s not? Continue Reading…

Openess & Insight

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“If we imagine that our mind is like the blue sky,
and that across it pass thoughts as clouds,
we can get a feel for that part of it which is other than our thoughts.

The sky is always present;
it contains the clouds and yet is not contained by them.

So with our awareness.
It is present and encompasses all our thoughts, feelings, and sensations;
yet it is not the same as them.

To recognize and acknowledge this awareness,
with its spacious, peaceful quality,
is to find a very useful resource within.

We see that Continue Reading…

A Global Awakening Is Happening

aAwakening is word getting thrown around more and more nowadays but does any of us really know what this means?

What does awakening mean on a personal level? How about on a global level? How does awakening apply to business? What about family, schools, the arts…

Is every aspect of our lives being affected in some way? And what is happening really?

Maybe we can get some insight from the root meaning of the word Awaken: “to spring into being,” also,”to wake up;” “to rouse from sleep” or “to stir up, rouse to activity”. Source:

But what are we awakening to?

I posed the question on facebook, “What does the global awakening mean for you?” and here’s some of the responses:

“Global awakening means to me the evolution of consciousness to who and what we are as a being and a species along with the withheld information about humanities origins and our divine connection with God and the Universe.”
~ Shannon Ramon Jeffries

“Reaching the core, of our light body. Realization that humanity is one working mechanism. Activation of our dormant DNA strands that completes as part of our evolution. It means far much more.” ~ Priscilla Thompson

“We are not alone…” ~ Lama Pittman

“Interconnectedness, a conscious responsibility for our own evolution and leading by example.” ~ Maria Munoz

“Through earth and cosmic changes, evolving to a higher level of existence; becoming a more spiritual, loving, effective and responsible being.” ~ Heidi Herman

“When the harmonic resonance of collective consciousness and unconsciousness amplify ‘good’ ideals actions and dreams. When utopia over topples this current distopia of reality…” Lozza Natili

“It is the ripple effect. One person becomes enlightened, then his surroundings, then his community, his city, his country, his world, the universe at large. Everyone is Consciously living… and the realization that all is One.. is understood Consciously.. by all.” ~ Kalani George

As we can see the concept of a global awakening means different things to different people. Though if we look closely we can see some ideas that we may even call universal in relation to what this awakening means to me, you and the average joe next door:

Global Awakening Concepts

  • Remembering Our Connection To Source
  • Remembering Our Connection To Each Other
  • Realizing That We Are A Global Community
  • Taking Responsibility For Ourselves & Our Actions
  • Leading By Example
  • Being Conscious or Aware In Our Everyday Lives
  • Realizing That Heaven Is Here On Earth

A lot of people toss around the concept of universal love emerging within the hearts of all. That this love will enable the world to make the fundamental shift necessary to move into the next stage of human evolution. I think this is too much of a leap for the world to take right now.

You can’t fake a feeling. You can’t just walk up to someone and expect them to be down with the “All we need is love program.”

Later on. Further down the path yes. The individual will come to conclusion naturally. But at first they’ll just shut down, turn off, and tune out.

It seems that the most influential concept that may be necessary and easily accepted by everyone is the idea of our inherent connectedness.

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The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule


Combining The Law of Attraction & The Golden Rule

by Ian Paul Marshall

Most people nowadays know of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Below you’ll find this statement interpreted all throughout the ages through all the major spiritual traditions of the world.

But for now lets look at how we can combine the Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule to get some amazing results.

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The Trace Back Process


It’s been said that we live in a dream world. That we’re surrounded by dreams. In the Kyballion the Three Initiates say that ALL IS MIND. But have we ever stopped to think about this?

Even the Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

So this is a little round about way or experiment to help us realize the power that we have…

The Trace Back Process Experiment

You’re in front of a computer, reading these words.

Question: Where did the computer come from?

Answer: From the store and the store got it from the manufacturer. The creator of the computer.

Q: Where did the creator get the computer from?

A: The creator had an idea for a computer, designed it in detail and then created it. So the computer came from an idea in the Creators mind.

Q: What else is near you?

A: A coffee cup.

Q: So where did the cup come from?

A: It was a gift from my father in law. He bought it in a store and the store bought it from a wholesaler. The wholesaler bought it from its creator.

Q: So where did the creator get it from?

A: The creator had an inspirational idea for a coffee cup, designed it in detail, and then created it. So it came from an idea within the Creator’s mind.

Now look around you and whatever your eye falls upon ask yourself, “Where did this come from?” Let yourself trace it back. Practice this process several time this week.

Is the following statement true and in accordance with what you have learned?


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Take It Easy

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Embrace Yourself, Express Yourself, Love Yourself, Heal Yourself


“You are here because this existence needs you as you are. Otherwise somebody else would have been here! – the existence would not have helped you to be here, would not have created you. You are fulfilling something very essential, something very fundamental, AS YOU ARE.

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The Heart Sutra


Prajnaparamita The Heart Sutra

Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating deeply on Perfection of Wisdom, saw clearly that the five aspects of human existence are empty*, and so released himself from suffering.  Answering the monk Sariputra, he said this:

Body is nothing more than emptiness,
emptiness is nothing more than body.
The body is exactly empty,
and emptiness is exactly body.

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