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Four Forces

Ian Paul Marshall —  May 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

Four forcesThe Four Forces That Guide Us

Paulo Coelho, the best selling author of the Alchemist, and one of my greatest inspirations, believes that there are four forces that guide us through our lives.

Well, that’s what Maureen believes. She’s one of the main characters in his new book, “The Winner Stands Alone”.

You see Maureen has a dream, and to achieve that dream she turns to the four forces that have always guided her. Continue Reading…

A Global Awakening Is Happening

aAwakening is word getting thrown around more and more nowadays but does any of us really know what this means?

What does awakening mean on a personal level? How about on a global level? How does awakening apply to business? What about family, schools, the arts…

Is every aspect of our lives being affected in some way? And what is happening really?

Maybe we can get some insight from the root meaning of the word Awaken: “to spring into being,” also,”to wake up;” “to rouse from sleep” or “to stir up, rouse to activity”. Source:

But what are we awakening to?

I posed the question on facebook, “What does the global awakening mean for you?” and here’s some of the responses:

“Global awakening means to me the evolution of consciousness to who and what we are as a being and a species along with the withheld information about humanities origins and our divine connection with God and the Universe.”
~ Shannon Ramon Jeffries

“Reaching the core, of our light body. Realization that humanity is one working mechanism. Activation of our dormant DNA strands that completes as part of our evolution. It means far much more.” ~ Priscilla Thompson

“We are not alone…” ~ Lama Pittman

“Interconnectedness, a conscious responsibility for our own evolution and leading by example.” ~ Maria Munoz

“Through earth and cosmic changes, evolving to a higher level of existence; becoming a more spiritual, loving, effective and responsible being.” ~ Heidi Herman

“When the harmonic resonance of collective consciousness and unconsciousness amplify ‘good’ ideals actions and dreams. When utopia over topples this current distopia of reality…” Lozza Natili

“It is the ripple effect. One person becomes enlightened, then his surroundings, then his community, his city, his country, his world, the universe at large. Everyone is Consciously living… and the realization that all is One.. is understood Consciously.. by all.” ~ Kalani George

As we can see the concept of a global awakening means different things to different people. Though if we look closely we can see some ideas that we may even call universal in relation to what this awakening means to me, you and the average joe next door:

Global Awakening Concepts

  • Remembering Our Connection To Source
  • Remembering Our Connection To Each Other
  • Realizing That We Are A Global Community
  • Taking Responsibility For Ourselves & Our Actions
  • Leading By Example
  • Being Conscious or Aware In Our Everyday Lives
  • Realizing That Heaven Is Here On Earth

A lot of people toss around the concept of universal love emerging within the hearts of all. That this love will enable the world to make the fundamental shift necessary to move into the next stage of human evolution. I think this is too much of a leap for the world to take right now.

You can’t fake a feeling. You can’t just walk up to someone and expect them to be down with the “All we need is love program.”

Later on. Further down the path yes. The individual will come to conclusion naturally. But at first they’ll just shut down, turn off, and tune out.

It seems that the most influential concept that may be necessary and easily accepted by everyone is the idea of our inherent connectedness.

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Insights into The Ancient Egyptian Wisdom

The Boat of Millions of Years by Naomi Ozaniec

awThe Sacred Science of Ancient Egypt has much to offer us as we search to make a new paradigm a reality. Although the complex Egyptian pantheon can appear confusing, the application of a few simple keys will reveal a practical and profound understanding of nature and the cosmos.

Key 1 Divine Templates – The Neteru

The divine figures so often called, ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’ are more properly called, neter and in the plural neteru which translates more properly as, ‘cosmic power.’ Often depicted traveling through the sky in the Boat of Millions of Years, the Neteru belong to eternal time.

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The Heart Sutra


Prajnaparamita The Heart Sutra

Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, meditating deeply on Perfection of Wisdom, saw clearly that the five aspects of human existence are empty*, and so released himself from suffering.  Answering the monk Sariputra, he said this:

Body is nothing more than emptiness,
emptiness is nothing more than body.
The body is exactly empty,
and emptiness is exactly body.

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Ian Marshall —  April 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” Pope Paul VI

Everyday is a good day to die. Just as everyday is a good day to live. In choosing to embrace death you have chosen to love life and have truly begun to live.

Death and life are one and the same. There’s no difference or distinction between the two. In all truth they’re one aspect and expression of life itself. A truth by which sustains all things born into this world of form and matter.

To have fear of death means that within your heart you have dreams that are unfulfilled. You haven’t fully lived. For if you have embraced life you have faced death daily. You have crossed over the threshold countless times as you have given birth to yourself. And it is through the dreams that sleep in your heart that you are able to finally reconcile yourself with death. There is no thought of death because your consumed with life.

Accept And Embrace It Now And Be Done With Death So That You May Live

Awaken your dreams! Awaken them now! Awaken yourself to life! Embrace death as a friend, teacher and guide. Death is inevitable. Everything that is born owes a death. Death makes ready the world for something new.

Accept and embrace it now and be done with death so that you may live.

We fear fear death because we no longer love life. We have resigned death to the back rooms of hospitals and funeral homes. We have locked the dying away in sanitized areas as we try to sanctify our minds of deaths embrace. We try to preserve a moment within time failing to realize that the only time we have is now.

Life and death are one and the same. They are two sides to the same coin. They are the sun setting and moon rising. Both aspects make up the day. For death is the kind reminder of the miracle of life.

We fear death because we fear living a life that realizes the potential that’s within us. It’s because of this that we fear death because deep inside we know that we can be more than we are.

More than we can ever imagine.

So die to this moment and be reborn in eternity.

We’ve all faced death in some form in our lives. If you feel that you didn’t truly have closure with a loved one then you you may find the technique below of some help.

A Magical Moment Technique
(c) Ian Paul Marshall

Find a quiet room away from others and lock the door.
Make sure to not be interrupted during this time.
Bring two chairs into the room and set them up so that they face each other.
Bring a box of tissue’s and a pillow with you.
Sit in one of the chairs and imagine that your friend or loved one who has made their transition is sitting in the next chair
Just sit there quietly for a moment looking at them, feeling the emotions that may be swirling within you
Realize that it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling
Start to tell them how you feel
If you want to scream at them – scream
If you want to cry then cry
If you want to hug them hug them (pillow)
If you want to punch them then punch them (pillow)
Be there with them and be there in that moment until you you feel comfortable and strong enough to move on
Be there in that moment until you can feel love within yourself once more realizing that you still may feel the sadness but it is a joyous sadness and content and peaceful feeling.
Tell them you’ll love them
Tell them you’ll miss them
Tell them thank you for all the Magical Moments they created in your life
Release them and yourself from the moment and give thanks for your life

End of Technique