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There’s an urge. A calling. An impulse that sleeps inside of you. Whispering. Nudging. Pushing. Constantly reminding you of something that takes titanium like courage to remember.

It knows you want to acknowledge it’s calls. It’s far wiser than you. It sees potential where you see failure. It knows only triumph while you brood over imagined defeat.

It bears witness to your flailings, tantrums and doubts.

But it still beckons you to see what it sees. To know what it knows. And to join its quest. A journey of pure potential. An adventure beyond anything that you can imagine.

We all know that it’s there.

And sometimes we listen. Sometimes our fears are sleeping but for a moment. And we hear the quiet call of our heart.

And in that brief moment we move forward. We take a tentative step toward a vision. A view of ourselves that sparks in us a desire – to be more, do more and see more.

It’s not easy. Fear wages a war against us. It knows that it must move fast. Because if we continue, if we but claim that new vision as our true self, it will have lost its power.

But if we break free from fears talon’s we will discover the miracle of beginning.

There’s magic in that moment when we step forward. When we move toward a greater aspect of ourselves. Unseen forces gather around us. Empower us. Fill our sails. Point us toward an un-chartered direction. And give our dreams flight.

“All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his or her way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ W.H. Murray

So listen. Eternity’s calling you. Is it time to answer? Is it time to begin?



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“Nothing happens unless first we dream.”

Carl Sandburg

It all begins with a dream. A brief glimpse into the pure source of reality. A flash of light that dazzles the eyes and captures the heart. A soft whisper that calls your forward on an adventure down a road that you never knew existed before. An overwhelming feeling or yearning that propels you forward and lifts you to new and vast expanses of beauty and wonder.

Trust in this moment and permit yourself the freedom to dream again. It’s your dreams that can take you to wherever your heart may want. Your dreams will give fire to the passion to pursue the journey. Your dreams are the only things that will bring you closest to the creator.

For as you give birth to them you truly give birth to yourself.

Do you remember your dreams? The ones that you locked deep inside. The ones that you were scared to share with your family and friends. Those wishes that you held close to your heart because you were scared that if you let them go they would be gone forever. Those secret longings of your sacred self. The silent sunsets of your heart.

Of course you do.

It’s Time For You To Dream Your Highest Thought Into Existence

Dare to dream again. Don’t be afraid to have dreams. Dreams that are your own. Dreams that stretch your limits. Dreams that challenge your current way of life. Dreams that keep you awake all night because you don’t want to lose that stream of inspiration.

Dreams can frighten you because it’s through these visions of yourself that you realize your potential is unlimited. That what you’re doing right now is not good enough. That the life you dream about other people are living in this moment. People that aren’t smarter, or prettier or luckier than you. Just people that have had the courage to risk it all and dream.

It’s time for you to dream your highest thought into existence.

It’s time to create a new vision of yourself.

You have the chance to step beyond your current mold and your current life so that you can go for your dreams.

Dream And Live Your Dreams One Day At A Time

Understand deep within your heart that you’re never given a dream without being given the strength and courage to see it through. All dreams take time. All dreams take planning. All dreams take hard work and a strong heart.

Think of the morning when you wake, by passively starting your day without a thought or glance the dreams of the night before slip from your memory. It’s the same for the dreams that are locked within you.

You need to give your dreams attention, focus and care. They need to be nurtured and brought to life. Dream and live your dreams one day at a time. Step by step. It’ll be those same steps, made so long ago, that will lead you to your paradise.

Be patient. Be persistent. Be a dreamer.

Ask For Your Dreams

The world needs dreamers. Life rewards the dreamers and believers. Don’t be swayed by the dream stealer’s. Don’t be influenced by the fears of others.

As you begin to dream you will have to fight. You will fight against yourself and a world that’s afraid of you realizing your dream. For many within the world are afraid to dream and they will project their fears on you.

By pushing on, by going the distance, by living with the hardships and the rejections, life will ultimately step aside and allow you through. Life will give you what you ask of it. So why not ask for it all. Ask for your dreams.


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“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” Pope Paul VI

Everyday is a good day to die. Just as everyday is a good day to live. In choosing to embrace death you have chosen to love life and have truly begun to live.

Death and life are one and the same. There’s no difference or distinction between the two. In all truth they’re one aspect and expression of life itself. A truth by which sustains all things born into this world of form and matter.

To have fear of death means that within your heart you have dreams that are unfulfilled. You haven’t fully lived. For if you have embraced life you have faced death daily. You have crossed over the threshold countless times as you have given birth to yourself. And it is through the dreams that sleep in your heart that you are able to finally reconcile yourself with death. There is no thought of death because your consumed with life.

Accept And Embrace It Now And Be Done With Death So That You May Live

Awaken your dreams! Awaken them now! Awaken yourself to life! Embrace death as a friend, teacher and guide. Death is inevitable. Everything that is born owes a death. Death makes ready the world for something new.

Accept and embrace it now and be done with death so that you may live.

We fear fear death because we no longer love life. We have resigned death to the back rooms of hospitals and funeral homes. We have locked the dying away in sanitized areas as we try to sanctify our minds of deaths embrace. We try to preserve a moment within time failing to realize that the only time we have is now.

Life and death are one and the same. They are two sides to the same coin. They are the sun setting and moon rising. Both aspects make up the day. For death is the kind reminder of the miracle of life.

We fear death because we fear living a life that realizes the potential that’s within us. It’s because of this that we fear death because deep inside we know that we can be more than we are.

More than we can ever imagine.

So die to this moment and be reborn in eternity.

We’ve all faced death in some form in our lives. If you feel that you didn’t truly have closure with a loved one then you you may find the technique below of some help.

A Magical Moment Technique
(c) Ian Paul Marshall

Find a quiet room away from others and lock the door.
Make sure to not be interrupted during this time.
Bring two chairs into the room and set them up so that they face each other.
Bring a box of tissue’s and a pillow with you.
Sit in one of the chairs and imagine that your friend or loved one who has made their transition is sitting in the next chair
Just sit there quietly for a moment looking at them, feeling the emotions that may be swirling within you
Realize that it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling
Start to tell them how you feel
If you want to scream at them – scream
If you want to cry then cry
If you want to hug them hug them (pillow)
If you want to punch them then punch them (pillow)
Be there with them and be there in that moment until you you feel comfortable and strong enough to move on
Be there in that moment until you can feel love within yourself once more realizing that you still may feel the sadness but it is a joyous sadness and content and peaceful feeling.
Tell them you’ll love them
Tell them you’ll miss them
Tell them thank you for all the Magical Moments they created in your life
Release them and yourself from the moment and give thanks for your life

End of Technique

“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.” ~ Helen Keller

Oh beautiful child listen and know that you are loved. You’re not alone. Understand that the suffering and pain that you have been through has been for the true purpose of bringing you to this moment and to this time. If you hadn’t faced the hardships of your life you would certainly have never been given the opportunity to grow and to experience yourself.

It’s in the fires of suffering, the pains of defeat, and within the chasms of despair, that we seek out another way, another choice, and another chance. It’s only in those times of inner conflict, those moments of resistance, and those encounters with discomfort, that we begin to understand who we are, what we want and where we’re going.

It’s from those demons and tormentors, who truly are angels in disguise, that we seek out our true light and true life.

Understand that the opportunity you have before you now is twofold. One of greatness, or one of misery.

What We Encounter Is A Reflection Of Our Own Inner Selves

Know now in this moment, in this instance, that you have a choice. Choice is always the opportunity presented to you. You may fall victim and be held down and consumed by the burdens of your heart or you may choose to walk the path of your own liberation and freedom.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

The answers to your questions are given to you in all times and through all people, and it’s now and only now that you have truly chosen to listen.

Hear my words when I say that all beings are suffering and the cause of this suffering is ourselves. We alone are the creators of the world of which we live. For what we are seeing and what we encounter is nothing other than a reflection of our own inner selves.

Realize now that all the people of the world are hurting. Everyone is suffering. And since we all have caused some form of suffering we also have the power to become the solution.

Start Now To Accept Your Strength

In these magical times humanity has become willing to find another way. A way out of the perpetual loop and cycle of this pain we all have come across and that we all in our own ignorance have created.

Hold strong my dear child for you have begun to tread along the path of truth and awakening. You have started to take the first steps toward the great potential of yourself. To the immense freedom and joy that your life wants to offer you.

Become Aware Of Awareness

So be strong in this moment and release yourself from your pain. Let go of your agony. Start now to accept your strength. For once you come to know yourself you will then know all the world. And in that knowing will come your wisdom. A knowledge that sees beyond all illusion and makes clear your path before you. A sacred journey into the heart of your own perfect paradise.

A sanctuary that is present whenever you become present to yourself.

Begin to realize that all of humanity wants to be happy. Know that we all don’t want to suffer. See that the suffering we encounter is self created which means that it’s ourselves who need to change. Understand that we can change. And finally, become aware of awareness, for that simple awakening will give rise to your power and provide you with the strength to change and that transformation in turn will save the world.

The Shift

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The Shift“It is a great opportunity that is knocking on your doors. Humanity as a whole has come to a certain point of growth from which a quantum leap is possible.” OSHO: Walking in Zen, sitting in Zen

Humanity has finally reached one of the most exciting times of it’s evolution. We’re poised at a major threshold of consciousness. Those of us that have been working toward this moment are in a state of ecstasy for this is a great and glorious time of celebration. For we will take a major step forward, a great leap into a new possibility of ourselves. A dream and vision that seemed, until just recently, like a pure and childlike fantasy.

And what is this new dream?

That the world and all the universe is in perfect order. That all of life conspires in our favor, forever pushing us toward our own sacred potential. That we are the creators of creation, eternally expanding ourselves and the world around us. That ultimately this push is revealing to us our intrinsic and divine nature. That the best way to serve and save the world is to unleash the great spirit within and live the dreams that currently sleep within our hearts.

The world view that we are awakening to is a holistic one. It’s a new found vision and clarity that we are actually part of the whole, and that our thoughts and actions do effect all that surrounds us.

We’re Moving Toward Our Future Bravely

This new found wisdom that’s taking root within us has given birth to our responsibility for all there is within the world. We’re making an honored and joyous choice to care for each other and the planet. We’re moving toward our future bravely, for it takes a tremendous amount of courage to be honest with each other and truthful with ourselves. This honesty has lead us back to our innocence, and that simple carefree love is a force that’s transforming all the world.

Our destiny is united as we are a single human family living as one great and global community.

A New Potential For The Humanity Is Being Visioned Into Existence

This moment in time is profound for the movement has truly been accomplished by the people. Everyday citizens who have followed their hearts and shared their love with all of humanity. In turn inspiration is setting the world alight with a completely new view of how we live, do business, relate to each other. We are truly starting to become aware of our own power and the responisbility that comes with it.

A new potential for the humanity is being visioned into existence and it is my joy to be a part of this miracle.

People all over the globe are coming together, called by an inner voice that is beckoning them to make a difference. Calling us all to a deep recognition and awareness of our interconnectivity.

From these sacred moments we can plan our next steps and choose to move forward awakened and conscious of who we are and what we want the future to look like. Not only for ourselves but for each other and the countless generation that are to come.

Affirm A World That Is Connected And Alive

One of the greatest things that all of us can do to help the flow of energy that is transforming the world right now, is to invest our time and energy into transforming ourselves. By awakening the power that dwells within we will change the world without.

Being grounded in the splendid radiance of your being and let your light shine. Affirm a world that is connected and alive. Lead by example and inspire. For inspiration rides upon the currents of love and lifts all those around you to a greater view of their lives.

Share your love, your passion and your life. Then all of life is renewed and returned to a state of wonder and awe.

Day 3 Exercise

Today’s exercise is about the shift. It’s about shifting our perspective. It’s about beginning to become aware of the power and influence that we all have within our everyday world.

On the first day of every month, between the hours of 11am-12pm, The Alliance For An Awakened Humanity holds a global event called The Hour Of Positive Power. I want you to have your own hour of positive power tomorrow.


For one hour let’s shift our consciousness and become the very presence that we wish the world to be.

So if it’s Peace that you want to see in the world be Peaceful for that hour.

If it’s joy then be joyful.

If it’s healing then spread healing energy.

If it’s abundance then begin to see the world as abundant.

Whatever it is that you believe the world needs more of BE THAT!!!

Be Peace
Be Love
Be Healing
Be Joy
Be Abundance
Be Supportive
Be United
Be Wise
Be Awakened

Think to yourself what a peaceful person would do. How would they speak? How would they stand? How would they react to the world?

Once you can see how that person would be then become that. Be that person! BE THAT PEACE! BE THAT PRESENCE!

Just for one hour. That’s all. Just one hour out of twenty-four.

I know it may be hard because the mind’s always chattering on about non-sense but just be gentle with yourself for that hour and steer your thoughts back to that image of peace that you created and BE THAT PEACE!

That’s all. Nice and simple. For just one hour you’ll become a positive source of power that will help to shift and change all the people and the world around you.

This is a personal process. An individual unfoldment. A moment whereby you truly can see the influence that you have, not only on your life but in the lives of others.

Have fun with it!


This takes place in your own homes, where you work, and at the places that you frequent.

It’s about shifting your own awareness where you are and then influencing the world around you. YOUR world.Your own sphere of influence. Just for one little old hour.

It’s about being that resonant frequency and sending out the signal for all to see, hear, and feel. It’s about participation, creation, and manifestation.

It’s about Love, Peace, and Perspective. This event is about you and the incredible positive power that sleeps inside of you.

Little by little, bit by bit, smile by smile.

It’s time to awaken. Awaken to our own Positive Power.


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“To awaken the potential of a human being is the most sacred blessing there is.”

Humanity is giving birth to a new potential. This new awareness is about being. Being comfortable where you are. Being comfortable with who you are and in every moment giving yourself permission to be fully you. People respond to honesty and that honesty begins by being honest with yourself. With your presence fully here in the present. Grounded, alert and aware. Where love sees beyond the illusion of the moment to the true and sacred center of us all.

We’re all seeking to connect to one another and by sharing, our joys and our pains, we become united in a bond that goes beyond boundaries. So that in the end your joy is my own laughter and your pain is a blade that pierces my own heart. And in both moments I am truly blessed.

Be Gentle & Love Yourself

Many people think it’ll be hard to change the world and you have to laugh at that thought. Because these people are full of burdens. Like a martyr. The world doesn’t need martyr’s. The world doesn’t need your help. The world is full of harmony, peace, and love.

All there is to do is to accept yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Love yourself. And once you start to come home to your own essence you come into alignment with all of life. You begin to be harmonious. You begin to sing and resonate the sound of life. Then you are one with the world.

That’s what’s needed.

And what is it that we shall all awaken to?

We shall awaken to ourselves so that when we look back upon our former lives those moments will seem strange to us, as if we were witnessing someone else’s life. And we shall have compassion for those who are still asleep.

But our joyous laughter shall free them from their own deep slumber. For we will celebrate life once more and the happiness we find deep within our hearts will make us dance like fire and purify all that we touch. Unlocking the sacredness of our world and transforming us into a potential that we’ve only glimpsed within our dreams.

Deep Within Our Hearts Is A Dream

The core of humanity shall awaken to love, for love is a mighty force. A sacred flame that transforms all those who enter into its covenant. Where all things are consecrated to the spirit of innocence. For innocence is fully alive in the moment, pure in its trust, strong in its vulnerability, and soft with its touch.

For the beauty of innocence conquers all, because in that moment of joyful honesty we’re given a glimpse into the dazzling radiance of our being and we become speechless by its splendor.

Deep within our hearts is a dream. Flickering within our minds is a hope. Trembling within our hands is a love. Softly within our words is a comfort. And steadily within our world we’re walking toward a paradise. A heaven that is truly here on this earth.

To awaken is to be aware of your purpose, your passion, your love, your connection to all.

What Is Awakening Like?

Peace is the presence. Love is the light. Compassion is the expression. Joy is the sound.

Awaken to this day and arise to your life. Wherever you are be there and be alive. Be a blessing to the world and if words fail you be joyful, for joy is love’s language.

So what is it that we’re waiting for? Why are we hesitating? Do you think there’s something more that you need to know before you can accept your divinity? Do you think there’s an ancient hidden teaching that is being withheld from you? Are you waiting for that perfect moment?

The time of your perfection is now. Your sacred inheritance is waiting for you.

When You’re Provoked You Will Change

And truly what is there to teach you? What can I even teach you? Nothing. There’s nothing that can be taught. So does that mean my efforts are useless? No. For as I become a master of myself I can provoke you. I can provoke a longing in you. A desire. A feeling. A wanting. I can show you a potential. And it will be my greatness that you will want for yourself. And when you’re provoked, you will change. You will become awake with your desire. A desire to change. A passion to become something else. To feel another way. Because it is easy to feel, and we like easy, and we like to feel good. And we want to be great. This is what I can do.

So we’re awakening, becoming alive to the inspiration that is our own true self. For we are beautiful beyond measure and if we but choose to see it, the world of the future can be created right now in this present moment.

Awakening Exercise
So from this point onward in the course start and end your day with the Declaration of Awakening. As you make these declarations the universe will respond accordingly. In the least please print off the Declaration and keep it in a place that you walk by. That way every so often it will catch your attention and you’ll be drawn back to yourself and the magnificence of the moment.

(c) Ian Paul Marshall


I am awakened!

I have now awakened to the magic of my life, this present moment and the
divine connection that I have to all of life.

I live, breathe, and have my being within a living field of unified consciousness.

My heart is aflame with love, joy, and compassion and my hands reach out to touch and care for all of life.

I affirm that all the people of the world are created equal and divinity is the true nature of our being.

I accept responsibility for my life and use the power of my thoughts wisely to consciously and lovingly create creation.

I have a purpose in life, I believe in miracles and I strive to release the awesome power and potential that is within me.

I accept abundance, joy, health, and peace as my natural and complete state of being.

I am a unique expression of the One True Source of All and I allow others to enjoy the unique experience that they are creating for themselves.

I am certain that heaven is truly here on earth.

Life is beautiful, perfect and exactly as it should be.

I am awakened!

And so it is.


The Beautiful Picture above was done by the visionary artist A. Andrew Gonzalez.

Changing The World Changing Ourselves

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.”
George Eliot

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a new chapter of my book Your Great Awakening: Change Your Life Change The World. Enjoy

Great change is all around and within us now and it seems that nothing is on solid ground. Be it huge market fluctuations to catastrophic natural disasters, everything within the world is in a state of upheaval. Every time we turn on the news or open the newspaper we find ourselves confronted with the brutal ugliness of our world leaders, corporate CEO’s and even the common human being.

But behind all this craziness is a glimmer of hope. A shining ray of light is beginning to emerge. Slowly our feelings of hopelessness are starting to shift. We’re stirring from our deep and restless sleep and gradually opening our eyes to a new dawn.

We all can feel that something amazing is happening. Each and every one of us knows somewhere deep within our hearts that it’s time to change. All of us can sense that humanity is approaching a threshold of consciousness. We’re coming to one of those pinnacle moments within our evolution when the old gives way to the new.

All of us Are Awakening to a Global Consciousness

The truth is that all of us are fast approaching our own great awakening.

People from all over the world are just beginning to realize and truly understand that we’re not separate from each other, the world, or from God. We have begun to know that heaven is not some distant place within the clouds but a moment that we’re living right here and now. All of us are awakening to a global consciousness, a divine connectivity, a cosmic thread that binds us all to each other and all of creation.

And now, as a global family we are seizing the moment, for fear that it may be the last, and we’re embracing the inherit power within ourselves to take charge of our lives and co-create a world that is worthy of us all.

We Can Change Ourselves and In Turn Change the World

Through Inspiration, Knowledge, and Understanding we can unlock our own Love, Wisdom, and Perspective. We can change ourselves and in turn change the world.

I believe Marianne Williamson said it best in her book entitled A Return To Love – Reflections On The Principles Of A Course In Miracles:

“Your deepest fear is not that you are inadequate. Your deepest fear is that you are powerful beyond measure. It is your Light, not your Darkness, that most frightens you. You ask yourself, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel unsure around you. You were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within you. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. As you let your own Light shine, you unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As you are liberated from your own fear, your presence automatically liberates others.”

Beautiful words that pierce directly into the heart of all humanity. Thoughts and concepts that help to begin us on our journey of discovery, healing, and strength.

Ultimately the power is within us. An awesome and magnificent potential that is just waiting for us to use it.

The Time for Our Liberation and Freedom Is Here and Now

There sleeps inside each and every one of us a glorious life that desperately wants to be lived.

The time for our liberation and freedom is here and now. It’s time to live with a purpose. For a soul with purpose found is the light by which the world is guided.

Who am I? Who cares. We’ll get to that later. We have more important things to discuss.

Like what?

Like turning ourselves around and realizing that the time is ripe to bring about a new world. That in this instance we can begin to create the life we want to live. And that with this new found awareness that is slowly dawning within our collective consciousness, we finally realize that this is the most exciting time in all of humanities history!

May these words help to fuel the passion of your life. May these truths help shift your awareness and help you to embrace the life and world of which you’ve secretly dreamed of. May you finally have the strength and courage to answer the call of your heart.

This Process Is About You

But in order to do that we have a little work to do. Some changes need to be made and a little more love needs to be shared. There’s a world out there that needs to change and that change has to start with us.

We’re about to embark on a journey together and even though I created this book as a 31 Day Transformational Course, I want you to know that this process is about you.

So if you feel compelled to skip ahead in the material because you’re drawn by the subject do it! Or if you want to stay with a topic or exercise for a couple of days, feel free to do that as well. Remember this is your journey. This process is about you and no one else. So get in touch with your needs and begin to listen to that still small voice within.

This book is about helping you to change. It’s about becoming the person you TRULY want to be. A being that is fully integrated, complete, and whole. This time that we have together is about anchoring into your life a new understanding, a new way of thinking and a different way of looking at the world. In the end my hope is that a totally new and reborn you will have emerged.

This Is Our World

These are very exciting times we’re living in. Humanity is standing upon the threshold of a new golden age. A wondrous time that will be ushered in by people like you and me. People who are willing to look deep inside of themselves to find the strength, love and light that they can share with the world.

This is our world. One that we create thought by thought, word by word, and feeling by feeling.

So be at ease and know that life is beautiful, wondrous, and full of love. Begin to understand that you do have the power to change the world and that you are ready to do it starting today. Otherwise you would never have called this book into your life.

Whether you know it or not you’ve been thinking about what you can do to help change the world. Somewhere deep inside your mind you’ve been wondering what you’re going to do, to not only create a better world, but more importantly a better you. You’ve been dreaming of another way of life.

I know I have and this book is part of my mission.

And what’s my mission?

I plan to change the world.

How do I know I can do this?

Because I know I can change myself.

Again, who am I? Who cares. More importantly, who are you?

I Love You.


Sacred Business Part 2

Ian Marshall —  April 18, 2009 — 1 Comment

Sacred Business Conscious Capitalism Part 2

Inspired business leaders, people who’ve already glimpsed and had the experience of seeing that perfect vision, that interconnectivity of us all, may already be striving toward a new business paradigm.

And for those people who haven’t begun to change all we can say is, “Evolve or Die.”

You will be left behind.

Businesses up until this point have abused the power given to them, and consumers have given away their power.

So now we have come to a new point in the future of business.

Active and educated consumers participating with inspired and open businesses.

This is the hope.

Businesses forgot that their ultimate mission was to be of service. That they were blessed if people decided to spend their hard earned dollars on their products and services. The phone would ring if what they we’re offering solved a problem or fulfilled a need.

There was no coercion necessary. No multi-million dollar commercials during the half-time show. No interruption marketing. No trying to convince me with phone calls or knocking on my door.

If what you had was good the news would get around. It would spread.

Your great new widget would become popular because of people. You focussed on people when you created it and in turn people focussed on you.

So is this a key insight for this streamlined future of ours? Are we going back to a continual start-up mentality?

Start-ups are excited about their solution and they share it with all the world. They’ve identified the problem and though long and hard about the solution, and once found, the news is spread from one person to the next, “Hey did you hear that Ian started a shiny widget company!”

From one person to the next the message was passed along.

Person to person.

This is what we’ve forgotten.

We’re people trying to help people.