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soulmates and the mirror effectI know you’ve seen them before. That almost perfect couple. And you know they’re together. Not because they’re holding hands, smooching, or gazing lovingly into each others eyes. And no, they’re not wearing I’m with stupid t-shirts either.

There’s really just something about them. A certain similarity. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know it’s there.

And even though they’re very different individuals, there’s still something very similar about them. Almost to the point where they consistently show up to places wearing complimentary outfits. Not that they called each other before hand to arrange it that way.

They’re mirrors of each other. Not clones mind you. No.

They’re still very unique people. Both with their own likes and dislikes. But they have this unseen connection. You know that it’s there. It may even sound weird, but you can actually feel it. Continue Reading…

bad breakupHave you ever had one of those earth shattering, I’m sort-of afraid for my life, kind of breakups before?

Where the separation rocked you to your core? And the other party shall remain nameless until the end of time? Why? Because you fear that if you do say their name it will give them power and energy. Fueling their evil genius. Giving them the strength to unleash their wretchedness upon other unexpecting victims.

Sort of like how people don’t want to say the dark lords name (Voldemort) in Harry Potter.

I know that these type of breakups suck the life out of you.

But on the flip-side they are pure gold.

No, I’m not crazy. Just stop and think about it for a second. Continue Reading…

Find Your Soulmate - The Zen Master MethodWhen you’re looking for your Soulmate there’s seems to be so much that you’re doing. So much activity going on.

Be it checking out online date sites, going to singles mixers, placing ads in the newspaper, and telling your friends and family to be on the lookout for possible Soulmate matches.

But sometimes you just have to be in the moment.

Seeing it for it’s beauty. Loving it for it’s magnificence. And being amazed by the magnitude of it all.

We get caught up in the doing. And with all of our running around and looking, we miss the miracle that’s happening right now in the present moment.

So if you want to find your Soulmate take a lesson from the Zen Masters.

The famous author Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us that, Continue Reading…

Find Your Soulmate by Finding YourselfEveryone seems to be looking for their Soulmate. And part of finding that special someone includes doing just that. Being on the look-out for them.

But you may be wasting your time.


Well, if you haven’t taken a moment to look inside of yourself first you may keep attracting into your life the type of people that are just going to leave you heartbroken.

Don’t waste your time looking for the perfect lover. Instead create the perfect love within you by getting right on the inside.

And how can you get right on the inside? What type of inner work can you do so that you can draw the right person into your life? Continue Reading…