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Manifesting Wealth

Ian Paul Marshall —  March 19, 2010 — 4 Comments

Manifesting Wealth Methods From A Secret Millionaire

Manifesting WealthIf you want to increase your wealth, find financial freedom, or teach your children some easy to apply wealth creation secrets there are three key techniques to use. These wealth creating methods are simple, straightforward and rock-solid.

Yesterday I looked like a wreck.

It had been about two months since my last haircut. Which is ridiculous if you know me personally. My hair grows like a weed. I’m like a human chia pet. Give me two weeks and it’s time for a trim. (Thanks Dad for the good hair genes)

So there I was getting ready to go down the street to my local barber shop. Great bunch of guys who do great work to unlock the Adonis that’s within me.

But yesterday I was lazy. I didn’t feel like walking the five blocks down the road.

So I tried a new barber. (Read stylist) Her name is Cleopatra. Really it is. I checked.

She’s right around the corner from me. And she did a great job. Wife approved. But that wasn’t the most exciting thing about my haircut. You see Cleopatra had a secret…she’s a Millionaire. Continue Reading…