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Happiness Is A Princess Crown

The Art of Personal Happiness

Sometimes happiness is a very personal. Look at my son. What makes him happy is wearing a princess crown. I didn’t understand it at first but it didn’t matter for him.

When he wore that crown he was happy. Smiling all day. Feeling fantastic and majestic. Dare I say, even beautiful (read handsome for you manly men).

We can learn from this little guy doing his own thing. Continue Reading…

Relaxing Into Happiness

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

relaxing into happiness

A simple happiness tip.

Sometimes all we need to do to discover happiness it to relax.

Sailor Bob Adamson asked, “What’s wrong with this moment if you stop thinking about it?”

It’s powerful question.

One that releases us into the freedom of the moment and the wellsrping of happiness that hides within us. Continue Reading…

Happiness Is…

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

Happiness Is the purpose of life

Happiness Is The Purpose of Life

The Dalai Lama believes the purpose of life is happiness.

He believes this so much that in the very first line of the first chapter of his book The Art of Happiness the Dalai Lama says this about happiness, “I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.”

If that wasn’t straight to the point I don’t know what is.

He goes on to say this about purpose and happiness, “Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, we all are seeking something better in life. So, I think that the very motion of our life is towards happiness…” Continue Reading…

Secrets To Happiness

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

Secrets To HappinessRevealing The Secrets To Happiness

Everyone’s looking for a few secrets to happiness. Some sort of magic bullet to get happy.

But is there really hidden secrets to happiness?

I think there may be.

I may have even discovered 10 secrets to happiness.

But first off…

It’s not like “the man” is keeping ways to get happy hidden from us.

It’s just that happiness is such a broad topic that trying to find secrets to unlocking it in our lives has almost become taboo.

Personal happiness is a touchy subject.

Is Beer The Secret To Happiness? Continue Reading…

Happiness At Harvard

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 30, 2010

Happiness Harvard

Happiness in Six Steps

People love psychology. Let me clarify that. People love Positive Psychology sometimes called the psychology of happiness.

And the study of happiness seemed to be pretty popular with Harvard students. That year, Tal Ben-Shahar’s class there on “How to get happy” (his words) packed them in at an estimated 900 students.

And what’s the professors advice on happiness?

Well he has six tips about the discovering happiness in your life: Continue Reading…