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meditation1Body Breathing Meditation Technique

This technique is exactly as it sounds, it’s a body breathing exercise. The benefits are, peace, healing, and overall body awareness.

  • Lie down on your back in corpse pose
  • Focus on your breathing. In out. In out. In out.
  • Now imagine your whole body is breathing.
  • Every pore on your body is breathing in and out.
  • Now realize that the breath, the air, is really the vehicle for the energy.
  • So with every breath you are actually drawing in energy to you.
  • Filling you up with life, love, and light.
  • Keep doing this until you hit a stillpoint.
  • You will know when you have reached it.

Hot Healing Hands Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor
  • Rubs hands together to warm them up
  • Bring hands together in prayer position in front of your chest
  • Breath in and out imagining that the light of source is flowing into your crown chakra
  • Direct the energy and awareness to the tips of your middle fingers
  • Maintain for 5mins
  • Release energy into the world or place hands on areas of your body that feel tense of uncomfortable
  • Focus on your breathing while you do so
  • A good mantra for this is “I AM THE LIGHT. REMEMBER THE LIGHT”

Hello God – All Day Meditation

This meditation is great. I love doing it while walking down the street. Anytime and anywhere that you are you can perform this mediation.

  • Whenever you see someone, walk by someone, sit beside someone think to yourself that you are sitting, walking, or looking at God.
  • And in your mind say, “I Love You God.” or “Hello God”

This is a fantastic practice that is easily done all throughout the day. It is a humbling experience that can easily unlock the love and compassion that longs to be shared with the world.