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There Is One Peace, One Power, One Presence that permeates and penetrates all the universe. It is a Force for Good. It is the Source of all Existence. It is alive in all things. It is an Energy available to all humanity and is present now in this very moment.
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Heaven On Earth

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To Renounce or Not Renounce


That was the question posed to the great Ramana Maharshi…

Ramana Maharshi – The life of action need not be Renounced

Question : The yogis say that one must renounce this world and go off into secluded jungles if one wishes to find the truth.
Ramana Maharshi:
The life of action need not be renounced. If you meditate for an hour or two every day you can then carry on with your duties. If you meditate in the right manner then the current of mind induced will continue to flow even in the midst of your work. It is as though there were two ways of expressing the same idea; the same line which you take in meditation will be expressed in your activities Continue Reading…

Buddha Brain

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Buddha Brain - Peter Malinowski Lecture

Psychology & Meditation

June 23-24 2009 Toronto

For those of you in the Toronto area I ask you to join us at the Toronto Diamond Way Buddhist Center for two evening lectures on June 23-24th, 2009.

Buddhist traveling teacher and associate Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Peter Malinowski, will be talking about Buddhism, our brains, and unlocking our inherit Buddha Nature.

June 23 2009, 8-10pm

Physiological and Psychological effects of Buddhist Meditation Practice followed by a short Meditation

June 24th 2009, 8-10

Mixing Psychology and Meditation Leading to Happiness: Applied Buddhism followed by a short Meditation


$18 Per Lecture $15 Students


1449A Dundas Street West, 3rd floor


Please share with your family and friends! Thank you. Karmapa Chenno.

Enlightened Rebellion

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Enlightened Rebellion

“The rebel is the very essence of religion. He brings into the world a change of consciousness – and if the consciousness changes, then the structure of the society is bound to follow it.” OSHO

Real change and lasting transformation can only happen if we have been truly moved. Where the core of our being is touched somehow and we are called to action. This change never happens through politics, laws or policies. None of these things actually touch your heart.

It may look like you’ve changed but it’s only on the surface. It’s only cosmetic. You’ve painted the roof but the foundation is still crumbling.

All of these influences happen outside of you and force the person into alignment with someone else’s vision of your life. And it may be true that you follow the laws, the rules, and the men that make them, but in the silence of your heart you will still be poor, angry, and weak.

And maybe there will come a moment where you decide to change the politicians, the laws and the policies. You have been pushed long enough and you have finally decided to push back.

This will be good for awhile for you will have discovered a slight glimpse of your power.

But in the end it will be a futile struggle for you will not have changed the men who are the politicians, who make the laws and create the policies.

So what is there to do? What can you do? Have you lost the fight? Is there no hope?

Don’t lose faith for there is hope, and in truth it’s the only true salvation for our planet, each other and our own self.

What is this new light?


Enlightened Rebellion.

Not a fight or struggle with some outward opponent, system, or structure because we’ve seen that truly this won’t change anything at all. For what good are these changes if the people are still rotten to the core?

Enlightened Rebels Frighten Us For They Are Full Of Power And Confidence

This is about becoming a rebel with a cause. This is about metamorphosis. It’s about the caterpillar completely transforming into the butterfly. This rebellion is about going deep into the darkness of yourself, being at peace there, being aware there, and then emerging from those depths completely new and reborn.

This isn’t a fight with some outside force or a rally for some new and noble cause. It’s a challenge to journey to your inner source. A courageous call to do the great work of discovering who you are and knowing what you want.

Rebels frighten us for they are full of power and confidence. They’ve struggled against themselves and shattered the shackles that society has tried to place upon them. They challenge our beliefs and show to us our own ignorance.

They do these things not with their words but with their presence for their whole essence is alive with truth.

Enlightened Rebels Have Come To Know The Truth Of Their Existence

They are charismatic and charming and their wisdom has been honed from experience. And when they teach they do so by leading. For it’s always easier to lead the way. To show the path. To light the fire.

It’s far easier to create the world you want than it is to talk or dream about it.

Hard won truth is the reward for the rebels. A deep knowledge that can never be taken away from them. For they have heard the call of their heart and they’ve followed the light of their conscious. And though this path has not been easy for them, they have been blessed all the same. For they have come to know the truth of their existence. They have accepted their divinity and are now taking possession of their rightful inheritance.

The enlightened rebel is intuitive and listens for inspiration upon the wind. They know that every mouth speaks for God. And their hands and body are strong so that they can live the purpose that burns within their heart.

You May Touch This Power Now For Yourself

Their light is a reminder to humanity of the wild freedom that lies asleep within our own hearts.

Becoming a rebel is the only way for the world. For rebellion is a complete transformation. A break point happens. The old world no longer exists and all that’s left is the now. All that remains is this pure and sacred moment. A true a holy minute where life honestly fills our lungs for the very first time.

You may touch this power now for yourself.

Breathe deep and feel the potential of your presence. Breath out and hear the silent roar of your heart.

Enlightened Rebel’s are a leaders, they’re risk takers, trail blazers. They’re individuals moving within the whole. For they have realized that all of existence lives within them.

They live and cycle through the Four Elements of Awakening which are; Meditation, Revelation, Transformation and Inspiration.

Meditation fills them with presence.
Revelation gives them their purpose.
Transformation is the power of their joy and love.
And Inspiration is the effect of their actions.

The true rebellion has begun. Your sacred rebellion has begun. There’s no turning back now.

Stand proud and sure for the enlightened rebels shall create the new world and invite others to join them in their joyful celebration. For rebels are enlightened and they know that the world is calling them to it’s dance so they dance with passion. The rhythm of their laughing hearts leads them to be in holy harmony with all of life and they open their arms wide and embrace us all.

Enlightened Rebellion Day 30 Exercise

The Four Elements Of Awakening


The first two elements are internal and the last two are external. A perfect balance. A seductive dance. Whole and complete.

Meditation fills the Enlightened Rebel with Presence

In the deep stillness of meditation a pure power is revealed to you. A strength and fullness opens up to you. An amazing experience of your own true self.

Affirmation = I AM

Revelation gives the Enlightened Rebel their Purpose

Each and every one of us has a purpose even if that purpose is to be an ambassador of human potential through right living. Through leading by example. But somewhere in that deep stillness is a dream waiting for you to fulfill.


Transformation is the power of the Enlightened Rebel’s Joy and Love

The Enlightened Rebel is certain that love is the highest law and joy is the divine expression of that law in action.


Inspiration is the effect of the Enlightened Rebel’s Actions

The Enlightened Rebel always creates inspired action. They’re always co-creating with the creator. The Enlightened Rebel is always seeking out opportunities to inspire others to greatness.


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Enlightened Rebellion Links


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“Peace is not something you wish for; It’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.” Robert Fulghum

Peace is with you, in you, and all around you. Peace is a presence. Peace is a personality. Peace is a way of life. Peace can’t be found but it can be discovered. The future doesn’t hold the promise of peace for the world is already at peace.

Realizing peace can only be done through dropping the illusion that peace doesn’t exist within this very moment.

Peace is here. Peace is now. Peace is there within the world. What we’re searching for is peace within ourselves.

Look to the blue sky and tell me there is no peace. Look to a sunset or sunrise and tell me you don’t know peace. Look upon the face of a child and say to me that peace cannot be found in this world and in this time.

So the world of the future is already filled with peace. How do I know this? For peace is right here in the present moment. While you’re reading these words peace is there waiting for you to notice is presence.

To Find Peace We Must Begin To Cherish Our Own Existence

The civilization that we must strive to create will be based in love, harmony and cooperation. A world of community and communication. A place where we acknowledge and celebrate our differences and build our foundations upon the universal principles of love, perspective and patience.

For peace is the by-product of a struggle with ourselves. A challenge we give to our souls. A demand we must make of our lives and each other. If we ever want to find peace between the people and nations of the world we must first be at peace with ourselves. And the only true way to do that is to come face to face with our own ugliness and embrace it.

Love it. Hold it near. For if we can hold tight to those aspects of ourselves that we fear the most we can enter into a new covenant with each other. United and fulfilled. Purged and purified.

Peace Is Here In This Moment

How do we start?

We must begin to cherish our own existence. We must find the sacred aspect of each moment and each other. We have to look beyond our past and see the present moment in all its beauty and wonder.

Many of the people within the world believe that peace is some sort of far off dream. A faraway place upon a distant shore. A fairy-tale land that only the truly blessed may arrive at.

Look to your heart and realize that the great paradise of that land is within you.

Peace is here in this moment. Its surrounds you now and is with you always. In but an instant you may know the true and great silence of peace.

But the understanding of this peace has been far from us for too long. This is only true because we have chosen to be far from our true self.

Stop the nonsense of affirming what isn’t real. Affirm only one reality, the reality of peace.

How can you teach a feeling? How can you teach others how to see again?

You must first realize that there is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

As you walk, you walk in peace. As you speak, you speak of peace. As you eat, you eat in peace.

Peace is the means by which you arrive at your destination in the sacred land. The sacred land of the awakened heart.

Peace is not something you wish for, it’s something that you are. It’s something that you live and breathe into every moment.

Use perspective and understanding as your guides. They will lead you back to the true essence of your soul. Understanding and perspective can bring about the first buds of peace. The petals of patience and the fragrance of love.

To Find Peace You Must Make It A Priority

Peace needs to be found through perspective. A shift in your awareness. A conscious awakening to the fact that you are a wellspring of peace, joy and love. Delve deep into the silence of your self for within its depths is an ocean of bliss. A magical power that will not only transform yourself but also the world around you.

To find peace you must make it a priority. A goal that begins with the heart, your heart, which then affects your home and the people in it. This then ripples outward to embrace and heal your neighbors. Your neighbors will then become unknown ambassadors of this contentment, this peace. A blessing of which you have silently shared with them. From their hearts and through their hands they will unknowingly begin to lay the foundation of peace within their own lives. Even if that peace is just for a brief moment in time. Deep within their minds they will know that they have been touched by peace and this will change them, just as it has changed you.

As you become that place of peace, peace is then a place within and all around you.

The Time For Peace Is Now

Choose peace, understanding and perspective now in this moment.

Say this out loud:

“I Am Peace.”

Understand that your true essence is peace, love and harmony. When you forget your true essence, and work against the laws of life, you suffer. You are suffering and so is everyone else.

By making this choice now, in this moment, you can change yourself and the world. Your world.

Do it. Do it now.

Feel The Peace That Lies Beyond Words And Conceptions

Smile at your loved ones. Listen to their concerns. Hear their fears. Love their faults. Make them strong with peace just as you’ve become strong with peace. Know deep within yourself, that one little person giving their heart and mind to peace, in every step, in every breath, and with every small action they take, can and will change the world.

The time for peace is now.

In every step. In every breath. In every word. In every deed. Be peace. Open your eyes to it’s radiance and find peace everywhere for that is all there is. To see anything else is mere illusion.

Lift away the veil of war and hatred and see and feel the deep and penetrating peace that lies beyond words and conceptions.

Peace is all around and within, breathe it out and breathe it in.

Peace Exercise

The Peace Presence © Ian Paul Marshall

Anywhere and anyone within the world can participate in creating the Peace Presence. The Peace Presence is a divine gift to all humanity to help give birth to the next stage in our evolution. It’s a very simple technique that generates amazing results. Effects that can be felt by all. Simply practicing this meditation for a minimum of 5 minutes a day will completely change your life.

Peace Presence Step 1

Set aside some quiet time away from the television, the computer, or any other distraction that will create discord within your environment. Preferably this technique is to be done in the dark but it can be done by candlelight.

Begin by gently bringing your awareness to your breathing. Follow it’s journey, in and out. Be mindful of the breath as it smoothly enters into your lungs and exits them to mingle again with all the world.

Peace Presence Step 2

Once you feel comfortable and quiet begin to say the word Peace over and over again. You may chant it slowly or so it over and over again, quietly.

Peace Presence Step 3

As you come into the beginning of the Peace Presence begin to feel that peace emanating from you. Truly feel peaceful.

Peace Presence Step 4

Begin to visual peace all over the world. See humanity in peaceful harmony. Celebrating our oneness. Anchoring this Peace Presence into every facet of our lives.

Peace Presence Step 5

Release the moment and give thanks for the peace that is present within your world.

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Get your voice counted for peace. Peace in our lifetime is some close friends of ours doing their part to create a world worthy of us all.

Peace One Day. What will you do to make peace…?

Peace Jam. “Change starts here.”

iPeace. Sharing peace. Making a difference.

meditation1Body Breathing Meditation Technique

This technique is exactly as it sounds, it’s a body breathing exercise. The benefits are, peace, healing, and overall body awareness.

  • Lie down on your back in corpse pose
  • Focus on your breathing. In out. In out. In out.
  • Now imagine your whole body is breathing.
  • Every pore on your body is breathing in and out.
  • Now realize that the breath, the air, is really the vehicle for the energy.
  • So with every breath you are actually drawing in energy to you.
  • Filling you up with life, love, and light.
  • Keep doing this until you hit a stillpoint.
  • You will know when you have reached it.

Hot Healing Hands Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor
  • Rubs hands together to warm them up
  • Bring hands together in prayer position in front of your chest
  • Breath in and out imagining that the light of source is flowing into your crown chakra
  • Direct the energy and awareness to the tips of your middle fingers
  • Maintain for 5mins
  • Release energy into the world or place hands on areas of your body that feel tense of uncomfortable
  • Focus on your breathing while you do so
  • A good mantra for this is “I AM THE LIGHT. REMEMBER THE LIGHT”

Hello God – All Day Meditation

This meditation is great. I love doing it while walking down the street. Anytime and anywhere that you are you can perform this mediation.

  • Whenever you see someone, walk by someone, sit beside someone think to yourself that you are sitting, walking, or looking at God.
  • And in your mind say, “I Love You God.” or “Hello God”

This is a fantastic practice that is easily done all throughout the day. It is a humbling experience that can easily unlock the love and compassion that longs to be shared with the world.