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Full Moon and Eclipse Aug. 5-6 2009

Everything that rises has to descend.  If the arch of an arrow stretches it must be released. These are laws of equilibrium and duality.  This galactic cycle that is ending now is that of the new Mayan year.  The next galactic cycle is the Magician.  It is the galactic cycle that comes to activate the warriors of light. The energy that takes you toward a higher vibration to prompt you toward the light.  It is like the confusion prior to an eclipse.

All the animals become noisy and are confused. In the case of the human beings that have not done any personal work of awareness, they are going to feel the energy stonger leading to exhaustion, headaches, anger, discussions. This energy guides each and everyone of you to self understanding.  Therefore the importance of inner purification before the eclipse, so that each may benefit from this energy. Prepare your body, cleansing your “house” to receive the new energy.  The challenge of the galactic cycle is to balance the duality through the vision of service, knowing when to say “yes” or “no”.

The Eagle is the most important force for the warrior representing the Vision. The Vision towards Mother Earth that comes through the synchronicity of situations which She brings us and the correct use of your free will on behalf of the Light. The lunar eclipse falls on the day of Lunar Eagle.  That is the vision of the moon.

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Existence is the question, your life is the answer.


The Call Of The New Paradigm

© Ian Paul Marshall

I give thanks for this precious moment,
This chance to be alive.
For life is sacred, special, and a fragile thing.

Realizing that it may end at any moment
I give thanks for all that I have
And strive to live each day to the fullest.

I have come to realize the power that is within me.
That my former thoughts, words and actions
Became my present state
And right now, in this moment, I’m creating my future.

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The Present Moment

Ian Marshall —  June 29, 2009 — 1 Comment

Unlocking the Magnificence of the Present Moment


“Life can be found
only in the present moment.
The past is gone,
the future is not yet here,
and if we do not go back
to ourselves
in the present moment,
we cannot
be in touch
with life.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you want to know a secret? One that can turn your life into something magical? Something that helps you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary?

That secret key is to be fully engaged in your life. Pouring yourself fully into the moment. Surrendering your mind to the miracles that are all around you.

Engage yourself in the present moment.

Meditate upon that famous saying,

” Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Be present to the presence. Dive deep into the miracle of your life.

Be well and prosperous.


Secret For World Peace

Ian Marshall —  June 17, 2009 — 4 Comments

Unlocking The Secret To World Peace

peace-in-oneself-peace-in-the-worldWorld Peace Is Possible!

The only way for World Peace to be present within Humanity is for Humanity to be present to the wellspring of Peace that is present within themselves and the World.

Peace is here! No really it is. It’s waiting for you to find it. Peace is patient and sure. It knows that someday you’ll hear it’s call and when you do your life will change forever.

It’s an amazing time that we’re living in now. I remember the awesome feeling I had when I joined committed Peace keepers from Toronto and all over the world and marched for Peace. It was beautiful. So much love, joy and of course Peace.

And to see and know that this was really the first time that the world could see that people from every nation yearned and craved peace. That they wanted all of us to know that peace was possible if we just chose it. It didn’t matter color, creed, or country, we all marched for Peace.

That’s what John and Yoko tried to say, that Peace was possible if we chose it.

martyn3/syssym/ssh76So to help unlock the Peace that’s present in this moment and within yourself I share with you a prayer for peace. For more info check out our World Peace Prayer group on facebook.

© Ian Paul Marshall

There Is One Peace, One Power, One Presence that permeates and penetrates all the universe. It is a Force for Good. It is the Source of all Existence. It is alive in all things. It is an Energy available to all humanity and is present now in this very moment.

I realize now that I am a pillar of Peace. I know that I am one with this Power. This Glorious Presence is the very foundation of my being. This Cosmic Energy flows through me and connects me to all humanity.

I choose now to use the mighty power of my mind to create a world worthy of us all. I steer my thoughts toward Peace, Love and Co-Operation and I can see all the people of the world joined together in a Joyful Celebration of Life. This energy that I release transforms this moment and all eternity. Generations to come shall be blessed with a world founded upon Peace. For I know now that Peace begins with me and is Humanities rightful legacy. A legacy that I live out daily with all my thoughts, words and actions.

Peace is here now!

Peace is here Forever!

I give thanks for this sacred moment of Peace. I give thanks for an eternity of Peace. I give thanks for my global family who lives in Peace. I give thanks for the bonds of love that bind us together and give us strength and courage to create the world of our dreams.

A Peaceful World.

A Loving World.

A World Full Of Infinite Possibilities.

I am One with all of Existence. I am One with the Source of Life itself. I am One with the Presence of Peace and I share these blessings with all the world.

I know that my words are filled with Truth and Power and I release them to the Universal Law of Life. I know that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.

Peace. Peace. Peace.


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A Prayer of Purpose

Purpose | A Prayer of Purpose

I Have A Purpose © Ian Paul Marshall

There is a great purpose the pulsates throughout the whole universe. An utmost urge that calls all things to greatness. An ever present mission that has meaning and momentum. It is a grace that flows through all of life, binding it in oneness, and working always as wholeness and completeness.

This purpose flows through me and pulses within my own veins. As all of life is filled with purpose I know that all my life has lead me to this moment. In this magic minute I know I have a purpose. I am bound for greatness and this greatness is my own true life. The divine call I have answered. This sacred moment I claim as my own and in the name of all humanity. My life has meaning and its movement leads me to ever greater expressions of myself. I am bound in oneness with my sacred source and I live in wholeness with all my heart.

From this moment on I will step forward sure in my step. I will accept my divinity and power. I will stake my claim to the world as I want to see it. I realize now that the secret dream of my heart can be the magnificent life I want to live. I will be brave and courageous and listen to the still small voice within as it calls me on toward my greatness. I know now that there has been a divine guidance that has lead me to this moment and I know that all is well and as it should be. I am a being with purpose. I am potential made possible. I am a pure expression of the one true source of all.

Thank you for this revelation. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for the divine pulse of life that flows through me with ease and grace. Thank you for this purpose that drives me and the intuition that guides me.

Knowing well that my words are filled with truth and power I release them to the universal law of life. I know that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.


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InterbeingA Story of Interbeing

And the Master Spoke of Sacred Breath

(c) Ian Paul Marshall

When the disciples had become comfortable and quiet the Master spoke, “On this night, you who are worthy of the secrets of life shall hear them and grow in knowledge and strength. Tonight I shall teach you of the Sacred Breath. Close your eyes now, for whomever has come to understand the world has found that it calls us to a world within. It is because of this realization that you have been lead to seek out the true life. On this night I shall give you what no eye has seen and what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to the human mind.”

Like the soft chill of the morn refreshes the senses, Master’s words brought his disciples to life.

The Master was a picture of serenity and peace as he spoke to them, “And the Lord God formed man and woman of the dust of the ground, and breathed into their nostrils the breath of life; and they became living souls. With a deep breath in they are brought to life, eternally connected to the Source, affirmed by every breath they take. The presence of God with them always.”

The sound of the Master’s voice made the trees sway with love, and silently the birds watched from their branches high in the trees. For they too were hopeful that this holy and divine knowledge would let them soar to the gates to heaven, a paradise of which they could only glimpse for the most fleeting of moments.

Master spoke to them and said, “God is breath and breath is life. From my breath, to the air we share, to the winds that blow across the lands. We are called to the remembrance of our unity with each other and the gift of life.”

“Be one with that first breath for in its essence is God and from its source is life. One that has been given to you from the holiest of holies. It is your one true possession. The one great connector to all things. It leads into the deep presence of yourself, beckoning you to follow it to the holy shrine of the moment, and once you have connected to that sacred flame, it calls you back to the world, affirming this gift of life and beseeching you to share that divine life with all of humanity.”

The Master continued, “Follow it’s path as it reminds you that God is first truly within you and that it was from his essence that you have been given life. As you breath out that life you are united and invisibly connected to all the world. A divine and holy communion that is shared in every moment of every day of your life. The breath you release finds fellowship with the wind.”

A devoted disciple took a deep breath in, his awareness drawn to this mystery that had been hidden in plain sight. He felt an energy being drawn into him, a slight tingle in his nose, that traveled to his chest and invigorated his whole being.

Softly, the Master continued on, “When you breath in, you breath in God, and when you breath out, you breath out God. Remember it is this breath that brought you to life. It is this breath that awakened your awareness. It is this breath that connected you to God and to all that is seen and unseen. Follow it now.”

And the Master became quite and all the world followed his lead. For they had found that the temple of Life was within them. A secret chamber they could enter into at any moment of their lives. With a single breath they could connect to the divine source and sacred Oneness that is inherit within all things.

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Potential Energy

Light Explosion by Mindstep @ deviantART

Light Explosion by Mindstep @ deviantART

You are a rich and creative spiritual being. You can never be less than this. You may frustrate your potential. You may identify with that which is less than what you can be. But within you now and always is the unborn possibility of a limitless experience of inner stability and outer treasures, and yours is the privilege of giving birth to it. And you will, if you can believe.

Eric Butterworth

You may frustrate your potential, what a beautiful expression. We may forget for awhile the fact that at the foundation of our “being” is pure potentiality but eventually we will remember. We will remember that everything is energy and within that is the potential to create whatever it is we set our minds to.

4 Keys To Unlocking & Unleashing Your Potential Energy

The Keys to Unleashing Your Potential Energy

ONENESS - “We have Connection”
Everything and every single person is One with all things, each other and the very source of existence.

LAW“We have Potential”
Our Consciousness creates creation. What we think about we bring about.

TRUTH“We have Purpose.”
We all have our unique voice. Our voice is part of a collective song. True happiness will only come when we sing our song for the benefit of others.

PRESENCE“We have Power.”
Presence is present in this very moment. Now is the moment of our being. This is where the power is. When we live in the present moment time melts away and our brilliant essence shines forth in all existence.

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the-four-thoughtsFour Thoughts Which Steer Your Mind & Your Life Toward Success

These four thoughts, or reminders can help you to stay grounded and determined to achieve your dreams. They are a slight adaption of the Tibetan Buddhist Four Thoughts that steer mind toward Enlightenment and is the foundation of the Ngöndro practice.

1) Your life is precious and you are blessed now with this chance to be alive. Life is sacred, special, and a fragile thing.

2) Realizing that it may end at any moment you strive to live each day like it’s your last.

3) Seizing upon this amazing feeling of strength and determination inside of you, a new awareness comes to light that you have the power and might to create the life or your dreams.

4) And seeing this new potential open up before you gives rise to the resolve to become an inspiration life so that you can inspire others to do the same.

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The Present Moment Day 20

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes – The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Think not of today as a new day, but as a fresh start and a new life. Upon the morn life is renewed, the world is refreshed, and you are reborn.

On this day see yourself walking through the temple of awakened awareness, and all that you bear witness to is sacred beyond measure. Realize that all of life, including yourself, is vibrating with joy and is held together with love.

How can you not feel awe and wonder while gazing out upon the supreme dazzling magnificence of creation.

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