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Own Your LifeWe were standing outside the Indigo bookstore down at Bay and Bloor in Toronto after sharing some great conversation and chai.

She was telling me about her past and some of the really tough challenges she’s been through.

And you could see something in her eyes…


But instead of playing the victim card she looked at me and said, “But you know, you’ve really got to own your life.”

So true. And so awesome.

It’s so easy to play the blame game. So easy to shift the responsibility onto someone else. It’s easy to point fingers

But you’re never going to get anywhere in your life until you take ownership of it. Continue Reading…

Secret To Success

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The Multimillionaires Secret To Success

Secret To SuccessWhen bestselling author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield of the “Chicken Soup for Your Soul” fame had the good fortune to work for the multimillionaire W. Clement Stone, the uber-successful Stone had this to sage advise to pass along to Jack.

Wisdom that will echo throughout time and that you can find in Jack’s amazing book the Success Principles:

“Taking one hundred percent responsibility means you acknowledge that you create everything that happens to you. It means you understand that you are the cause of all of your experience.

If you want to be really successful, and I know you do, then you will have to give up blaming and complaining and take total responsibility for your life — that means all your results, both your successes and your failures. That is the prerequisite for creating a life of success.

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Unleashing The Power Within You

© Ian Paul Marshall

BWC-SM“A new species is arising on the planet. It is arising now, and you are it!”
~ Eckhart Tolle

Here’s some interesting facts…

81 percent of people polled in a global survey done by the Center For Work-Life Policy said that their careers are affecting their health in a negative way. 59 percent of them said that their relationships have suffered. And 50 percent of the people polled went so far as to say that even their sex life was worse because of the stress they experienced on the job.

Is there more to life than killing ourselves working at a job that we hate?

People from all over the world believe there is. Even going so far as to think that it’s time to really change the collective direction where humanity is heading. You’re one of the courageous souls who has answered that call and I am eternally grateful to you for that.

People from all over the globe, irregardless of color, country or religious background are awakening to the universal language of love.

Humanity is opening is itself up to a new dawn.

A brilliant awareness is emerging within each and every one of us.

We’re reaching a moment of clarity where we’re finally accepting our own divinity and choosing to take responsibility for our own lives and the world in which we call home.

If we become quiet for but a moment we can feel deep within ourselves something stirring. That a global awakening is coming. Beyond our everyday lives we know that the next step in our evolution is fast approaching.

Humanity as a whole is starting to tap into the universal matrix of creation itself and we’re truly beginning to see and understand the true inter-connectivity of us all.

We’re all being presented with an amazing opportunity now. Humanity is coming to a point in it’s evolution where a major change is possible. But that change has to happen within ourselves. We have to become the change we wish to see within the world.

It’s my hope that this article, Becoming A World Changer, will help you unleash the amazing power within you.  For you are amazing and there is a magnificence within you that’s beyond anything that you can imagine.

The 7 World Changing Wisdom Keys Continue Reading…

A Global Awakening Is Happening

aAwakening is word getting thrown around more and more nowadays but does any of us really know what this means?

What does awakening mean on a personal level? How about on a global level? How does awakening apply to business? What about family, schools, the arts…

Is every aspect of our lives being affected in some way? And what is happening really?

Maybe we can get some insight from the root meaning of the word Awaken: “to spring into being,” also,”to wake up;” “to rouse from sleep” or “to stir up, rouse to activity”. Source:

But what are we awakening to?

I posed the question on facebook, “What does the global awakening mean for you?” and here’s some of the responses:

“Global awakening means to me the evolution of consciousness to who and what we are as a being and a species along with the withheld information about humanities origins and our divine connection with God and the Universe.”
~ Shannon Ramon Jeffries

“Reaching the core, of our light body. Realization that humanity is one working mechanism. Activation of our dormant DNA strands that completes as part of our evolution. It means far much more.” ~ Priscilla Thompson

“We are not alone…” ~ Lama Pittman

“Interconnectedness, a conscious responsibility for our own evolution and leading by example.” ~ Maria Munoz

“Through earth and cosmic changes, evolving to a higher level of existence; becoming a more spiritual, loving, effective and responsible being.” ~ Heidi Herman

“When the harmonic resonance of collective consciousness and unconsciousness amplify ‘good’ ideals actions and dreams. When utopia over topples this current distopia of reality…” Lozza Natili

“It is the ripple effect. One person becomes enlightened, then his surroundings, then his community, his city, his country, his world, the universe at large. Everyone is Consciously living… and the realization that all is One.. is understood Consciously.. by all.” ~ Kalani George

As we can see the concept of a global awakening means different things to different people. Though if we look closely we can see some ideas that we may even call universal in relation to what this awakening means to me, you and the average joe next door:

Global Awakening Concepts

  • Remembering Our Connection To Source
  • Remembering Our Connection To Each Other
  • Realizing That We Are A Global Community
  • Taking Responsibility For Ourselves & Our Actions
  • Leading By Example
  • Being Conscious or Aware In Our Everyday Lives
  • Realizing That Heaven Is Here On Earth

A lot of people toss around the concept of universal love emerging within the hearts of all. That this love will enable the world to make the fundamental shift necessary to move into the next stage of human evolution. I think this is too much of a leap for the world to take right now.

You can’t fake a feeling. You can’t just walk up to someone and expect them to be down with the “All we need is love program.”

Later on. Further down the path yes. The individual will come to conclusion naturally. But at first they’ll just shut down, turn off, and tune out.

It seems that the most influential concept that may be necessary and easily accepted by everyone is the idea of our inherent connectedness.

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Spiritual JourneySpiritual Journey

“The greatest of all journeys is the journey within.”

Every magical sight you see, every inspirational word you read, every beautiful song you hear have all been created to provoke you to greatness. To show you the splendor of your own being.

They call out to you and say, “All these things and more so shall you do.”

For if you dare to listen, if you have the courage to be silent for but a moment, you will find that there are dreams that sleep within your heart longing to be awoken. They have been entrusted to you and it should be your joy to give them life.

And when you decide to go for your dreams it is you who is given life. For the answer to our own existence is to solve the mystery of ourselves. To be honest and authentic in all our endeavors. To constantly strive for greater possibilities of joy. And to immerse ourselves fully and completely in every moment of our lives.

On Your Spiritual Journey The Universe Will Conspire In Your Favor

Every-time you encounter a choice you stand at a moment whereby you may create yourself, your world and the life by which you want to live.

Choose your thoughts wisely for the truth is that thoughts do create things. For this is a thought based universe and if we press our minds upon the formless we will give shape to the form.

Our minds are the key to manifestation. For we attract to our lives the thoughts that we think about most whether we are conscious of them or not.

The universe will conspire in your favor. So choose now to be power positive and drive your awareness to the joy of your being. For you can feel joy now. You can feel healthy now. You can feel wealthy now. You can feel love now. You can feel peaceful now. There’s no need to wait until some future moment happens for the the time of your life is now.

And as this stage of your life comes to a close, new possibilities open before you. Be still and know that all is well, life is beautiful, and that you are loved. Be certain in the fact that the universe shall conspire in your favor and it is your right and privilege to be, do and have anything you want.

The future is something that we make not something that is given to us. We’re the creators of our own reality. Choose now to accept that power and responsibility. You are a glorious child of God, child of light, child of love. Accept your divinity now.

Your amazing journey has just begun.


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The Path

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The Path

“Follow your bliss.”
Joseph Campbell

There is no path, there is no way, there is only awareness. A deep and profound wisdom of thyself. A wakefulness that immerses you totally in this moment and the presence of your own magnificence.

The beauty of your unfolding lies within the courage you have to accept your power and embrace your responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions. Your journey will be joyful only if you allow yourself to come into alignment with your silence. For silence is the still point from which all things can be known.

But it’s not your duty to know all things, all you have to know is one thing and that is yourself. And once you come to know your own radiant awareness all things will be known

The secret key to your life lies within the wisdom of your heart. For it is through your emotional frequency that you know if your a moving closer to greatness or destruction.

The unfolding of your life is a creative process. For you’re creating, giving life to, and bringing into existence joy itself. So joy is the marker and as you make decisions that bring you joy and move you closer to bliss you step ever further into the glory of yourself.

From Your Imagination Springs Forth All The Possibilities Of Your Potential

There are two great secrets in this life; Life is to live and Love is to give. These two secrets are for you to explore in your own unique way. Use your imagination to journey forth into yourself.

From your imagination springs forth all the possibilities of your potential. An unlimited potency whereby you may be, do, or have anything that you set your thoughts and mind upon. Because once you let your mind come to rest within itself you will become aware that you are all things.

Know Your Own Greatness

Form and formlessness is your truth. While in the process of creating form be determined to see your dreams manifest into reality.


I won’t lie to you and tell you that all of life is magic, splendor and ease for in doing so I would be speaking to you from a place of lies.

I speak to you now of the truth.

The path is long. The struggle is hard. You will stumble and you will fall. You will be left to face your fears alone. You will want to give up. You will lose friends and family. You will doubt yourself. You will doubt the world. You will be angry with God. You will wonder if God exists. You will question whether anything you do is actually making a difference. You will feel alone. You won’t feel at all. You will experience all these things and more. And it will be through these moments that you will be free, and be given the amazing opportunity to know your own greatness.

Positive Emotion Expands Your Field Of Influence

For this journey is really a path to your own playfulness. A process of which will continue until the end of time. You will give birth to countless forms of yourself. Be joyful and have fun. Be at ease with yourself and the world. Seek out further opportunities to express the bountiful love that overflows from your heart.

Life is about contrast. Like’s and dislikes. Yes’s and no’s.

It’s in these moments that you are blessed, for each time you encounter these situations you come face to face with a moment of truth. A magical moment whereby you’re given the blessed chance to create yourself and a new chapter of your life. Each choice leads you further into the joyous journey of your own pure potential.

This Whole Process Is About You

Say Yes! to those moments that bring you joy. Steer yourself toward those people and experiences that make you feel good. For that positive emotion expands your field of influence and strengthens your will to give life.

Your ever increasing happiness, love and joy are the clear indicators of your own magnificent expansion. Seek out those choices and experiences that bring you into alignment and harmony with these emotions.

Variety and contrast gives rise to your preference. That preference, or liking, gives rise to your desire and passion. Your passion gives your intentions and desires their fuel, their power, their energy. Your emotions of thankfulness and gratitude brings the energy of your goals or dreams into your quantum reality.

This whole process is about you. Your preferences. Your desires and passions. Your power and energy. Your emotions of thankfulness and gratitude. Your great connection to the process of life. This is what it means to be selfish. To be fully present to yourself. For within you lies all the magic and wonder of the universe.

Enter now into the dark woods of your life, that sacred and blessed journey into yourself. For within the darkness and mystery of your own hidden potential, is the greatest adventure that you shall ever take. For it is a quest for your own immortality.

The Path Exercise

One of the most amazing movies in my opinion is an independent film called “What The Bleep Do We Know.” If you haven’t seen it yet do yourself the favor and go rent it tonight.

There’s a scene within the movie where one the experts that is interviewed talks about creating his day. It is an amazing piece and the transcript of it is below but the process that I want you to start integrating within your life is to become more and more comfortable with your power to consciously create your own reality.

A little exercise that I do everyday as I leave my home is this:

“I gaze around at the trees, the grass, the blue skies. I listen to the birds chirping, to the sounds of the cars on the street, and my footfalls on the pavement. I become aware of life and my presence within it. Then when I feel at peace and in oneness with life I create my day how I want it to happen.

So if I want people to be supportive of me I throw that out to the universe. If I want to experience joy I’ll throw that out to the universe. If I want an answer to a problem that I’m tackling I’ll throw that out to the universe.

The key is that everyday I choose to actively participate in the creation of it. I don’t decide the details I just decide the basic parameters and I let the universe fill in the rest.”

And here’s the Transcript from the movie:

I Create My Day
The most often referenced interview in the film What The Bleep Do We Know is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s comments on creating his day. In response to the numerous requests, the following is the transcript of that part of the interview.

“I wake up in the morning and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen. Now sometimes, because my mind is examining all the things that I need to get done, it takes me a little bit to settle down and get to the point of where I’m actually intentionally creating my day. But here’s the thing: When I create my day and out of nowhere little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net in my brain that I accept that that’s possible. (This) gives me the power and the incentive to do it the next day.

“So if we’re consciously designing our destiny, and if we’re consciously from a spiritual standpoint throwing in with the idea that our thoughts can affect our reality or affect our life — because reality equals life — then I have this little pact that I have when I create my day. I say, ‘I’m taking this time to create my day and I’m infecting the quantum field. Now if (it) is in fact the observer’s watching me the whole time that I’m doing this and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then show me a sign today that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won’t expect, so I’m as surprised at my ability to be able to experience these things. And make it so that I have no doubt that it’s come from you,’ and so I live my life, in a sense, all day long thinking about being a genius or thinking about being the glory and the power of God or thinking about being unconditional love.

“I’ll use living as a genius, for example. And as I do that during parts of the day, I’ll have thoughts that are so amazing, that cause a chill in my physical body, that have come from nowhere. But then I remember that that thought has an associated energy that’s produced an effect in my physical body. Now that’s a subjective experience, but the truth is is that I don’t think that unless I was creating my day to have unlimited thought, that that thought would come.”

Source: Dr. Joe Dispenza in What the BLEEP Do We Know!?


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“Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred. May we always honor that heritage – in every thought and deed.” ~ Russel M. Nelson

Drink fully of life. Taste of it’s bitter sweet nectar. Become drunk with joy. Sing out your songs of suffering and loss. Seek to be in harmony with the world and in tune with yourself. For every season has it beauty, and within the seeds of your struggles is the source of your own greatness.

There is a sacred union in life. A melding of matter and spirit. A miracle that is hidden within the mundane.

Many people within the world have found the magic of life once more and their words are a shower of sweetness. Their presence shines with their wisdom. Their eyes are alight with life and the mystery of their own lives. They have heard the soft voice within and answered it’s call. They have faced life with courage and are better for it.

For the world doesn’t rest and there’s no escape from the trials of life. Sheltering yourself from the struggles and tribulations of this one great moment is the true illusion. And deep within your heart you know that life is calling out to you. Begging you to join in its sacred cycle. For there is a magic in life if you so choose to see it.

Within Each And Every One Of Us Is The Eternal Spark Of Life

Life is quickly flowing past us and it’s our duty to pour ourselves completely into its sacred stream. For you’re here and the only moment you have is quickly passing you by.

Jump into your life. Immerse yourself in it completely. For everything is sacred. All things are holy. Within each and every one of us is the eternal spark of life.

Immersion – Accept Your Role And Power

The new human has awakened to this potential and is alive with life and home to the sacredness within. They know that they’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. They’ve begun to accept their role and their power. They have said yes to the call of their hearts and have accepted the responsibilities of their lives. They have found the mystery in each moment and are aware of the sacred presence of their source in every instance of their lives.

So learn from these enlightened beings, these enlightened rebels, for they are one with life. Living in harmony with the world. Free with their acceptance of themselves. Content with the greatness that they are slowly bringing to life. Aware and alive within their divinity.

And they each know that heaven is truly a place called earth and they affirm that with every breath they take and every action they make.

Immersion Exercise

This days exercise is about acceptance, the acceptance of your divinity and the sacred responsibility that comes with it.

A fantastic affirmation to use for this day would be, “I am divine. I am one with God.”

Tonight like some of the other nights I want you meditate upon the following prayer. Read the prayer through a couple of times so that you can get the feel and rhythm of it. Once your confident with it’s flow then read the prayer out loud infusing it with your emotions. Then sit quietly in the fullness of the night.

Accepting My Divinity © Ian Paul Marshall

There is One Power, One Purpose, One All Pervading Presence that fills, flows through and is the foundation of all of life. A Supreme Consciousness. A Radiant and Shining Light. A Resonance that sings it’s celestial song for all eternity.

This is the the truth of my own existence. This power is the strength that I call my own. I am at one with this consciousness and the infinite field of eternity. This radiant and shining light has taken form as my own very being.

I accept my divinity and in this moment take charge of my life. I am clear with my thoughts and every action that I take is worthy of me. I steer my thoughts toward peace, prosperity, and joy and see that the world around me reflects these truths back to me. I accept myself completely and fully and strive daily to allow my greatness to shine. I open myself up to the divine impulse of life and rest at ease that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be.

I Love my life and I’m so very thankful for it. I bless all the world and feel grateful to be alive in this very moment.

Knowing the truth that I am filled with spirit I realize that my words are filled with power and purpose. I release them to the universal law of life knowing that as I have said it so shall it be.

And so it is.


The New Human

Ian Marshall —  May 20, 2009 — 4 Comments

new-human“God’s greatest gift to you is your unlimited potential. Your greatest gift to God is to use that potential to the fullest.” ~ James Ray

Gone will be the times of churches and synagogues for the new human will be a sacred temple of spirit. The holy presence of life with them always. They have accepted their divinity and are doing their part to inspire the world to greatness.

For their eyes pierce deeply into the purity of each person. They know the sacredness of their source and their essence touches all of life, embracing the beauty of each moment, walking softly upon a path that leads to the flaming heart of all creation.

The new human accepts life, lives it fully and is totally immersed in it. For they have come to realize that to reject life is to reject themselves. The difference between the old and the new is that the old human was drunk with suffering, intoxicated with ignorance, while the new human is high on humanity and is awake in their own magnificent awareness.

The New Human Is Certain Of Their Power, Wisdom and Love

The new human doesn’t run from the world but is fully present in it. They have found a greatness within, a power and strength that goes beyond words, and they have chosen wisely to nurture that force, to understand the joy of their responsibility, and to create the world in which they want to live.

The new human is certain of their power, wisdom and love and forever unfolds their potential to the best of their abilities. They are active with their own life, lost in the creation of themselves. Like an artist immersed in their life’s work. Their lives are their masterpiece.

The new human lives in harmony with humanity, the planet, and all of existence.

Choose now to awaken the new you.

Seek not to find your answers within the world, but dive into the deep ocean of yourself and take hold of the treasures of your heart. Carry these riches back to the shores of reality and share your bounty freely with all.

If You Want To Know God Then Begin To Know Yourself

Believe not the prophets, believe not the saints, believe not the scriptures, for none of these can reveal to you your own heart. So turn your energy inward and believe in yourself.

We need to be selfish in our salvation. Realizing that we cannot save the world or anyone else in it. The only person we can save is ourselves. And in doing so we will save the world.

For our light will shine and guide all of humanity to their own glory.

The most sacred gift that you can give is yourself. So go deep into your being and bring back the blessed essence of your heart. Share that elixir with all the world and awaken them to the miracle of their own life.

Every Change You Seek To Find Within The World First Find Within Yourself

When we stop looking to heaven and start looking to each other then we will finally see the face of God and realize that heaven is actually here on earth.

If you want to know God then begin to know yourself. For within the great depths of your being is the eternal vastness of awareness. The Shining Light of Life. The Radiant and Divine Wisdom of the Ages. The Sacred Flame of Love. Any great concept that you have ever dreamt of is asleep within you.

Focus Within And The Shift Will Happen

We must accept our divinity for in doing so we accept our own power and responsibility. We take charge of our lives and can see clearly the road ahead of us. For to move forward blindly, lurching through the dark will become a cycle of the past. For the future is created with vision, clarity and purpose.

Every change you seek to find within the world you must first find within yourself. In your own heart unleash the fragrance of love, peace and hope. Within your home the transformation must begin. For how can you expect to have peace within the world when there is a war within your home.

So focus within and the shift will happen.

Simplicity Sees Honestly And Touches Life Gently

Peace, love and harmony cannot be measured by outward appearances, for they truly are inward events. Experiences that transcend words and defy proof. So you must find peace, love and harmony within first.

You can always tell when someone is in love because they are filled with the presence of love, and that energy then changes the world around them. Purifying all those who cross their path.

Love is simple.

Simplicity sees honestly and touches life gently, holding it near, like a lover in the spring.

Simple, honest love knows that life is sacred and seeks to share that magic with the world.

So be simple, be honest, and be love.

We are once more awakening to the child within, where all of life is magical and the world is full of joy and laughter. Where our divine worship shall be a celebration of ourselves overflowing with joy and thanks.

Our prayer will be a song of love and friendship. And when we see another we will only bear witness to a reflection of ourselves. And in that moment of communion we will be reminded of the one eternal truth; that we all are children of the cosmos.

The New Human Exercise

Part 1

From this point forward as your making choices great and small within your life think to yourself, “Is this action/thought/word worthy of me and my inherent greatness?”

Choose now to move from good to great. From good to God. The time of your life is now.

Part 2

Below you will find a prayer that will will help to unleash your greatness. Read it a couple time to get used to the rhythm and flow of it and then when your ready infuse your emotion into it and say it out loud.

I Am A Child Of Magnificence © Ian Paul Marshall

There is a Great and Creative force that has birthed all of Life. A Dynamic Impulse that radiates goodness. An Infinite Spirit that fills, flows through and binds all. A Divine Energy that fuels everything. A Magnificent Power that renews itself eternally.

This creative force flows through me. This divine impulse courses through my veins. This light radiates through me. I live, move and have my being in this very essence. I am filled with this goodness and I am renewed by it’s energy in every moment of my day.

I realize now that I create my life. I accept responsibility for all that I see and experience. I claim my power now and know that I have the courage and the strength to change. I am aware that all the change I wish to see begins within my mind. So I set forth my mind and steer my thoughts toward good for me and all of humanity. I strive for ultimate good. I unleash my creative fire. I surrender to the power of Spirit that wishes only the best for me now and forever. I commit myself to greatness. For I am a child of magnificence.

I am eternally grateful for this moment. My awakening brings me joy and gratitude. And I bow my head in deep reverence for this gift of life and spread my thanks and joy to all.

Knowing well that I am fully present with the light, power, and wisdom of spirit I release these words knowing that they are truth. I know now the the universal law of life has accepted these things and has made it so.

And so it is.