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Mercury Retrograde

Ian Marshall —  September 11, 2009 — Leave a comment

Mercury Retrograde


This is to make you aware of the 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the 4 we will be experiencing this year.  This one goes from September 7th-29th.  It will go through the signs of Libra and Virgo.  Mercury Retrogrades represent the planet of communication (Mercury) going through what is termed a “backward” motion.  The planet never does go backward but seems to be when its rotation seems to “slow down” relative to that of earth.  When that happens, it is said that what the planet represents, in this case (communication), is affected adversely, thereby causing delays, frustration or challenges.  In some cases it can represent opportunities.

Mercury will be in the sign of Libra and this can represent challenges or delays in the areas of relations with others, signing contracts, legal matters overall, clarity in understanding situations, and even our own self worth.  Think before you speak, act, or sign is a good motto.  You may have the opportunity to resolve issues that have been lingering or the opportunity to reconnect with someone in that time as well.  You may in fact even find out information that you wished you never did.

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Ian Marshall —  May 3, 2009 — Leave a comment

Purpose“A soul with purpose found is the light by which the world is guided.”

The world has been wandering aimlessly toward its own annihilation. Countless generations have forgotten the connection that we have to the divine, the world and to each other. We have feared life and in turn have become afraid of one another. We have set our sights on a happiness that is without never coming to know the bliss that awaits us within.

But this is all starting to change. Our perceptions of ourselves is beginning to shift. Our focus is now being polarized to deeper truths that resonate with a silent calling that we feel in the depths of our beings. We now can feel a greatness that is within. A power that seeks expression. A dream that’s calling out to us. Begging for our attention. Yearning for birth and desperate for a chance to live.

Use Your Time To Be And Understand Who You Are

Many people are now waking up to a deep question the drives them to search out new answers. A question that until recently we were all afraid to ask. But it’s only in the asking that we’re able to solve the riddle of our own existence.

And what’s the question?

What is my purpose?

I hear this question whispered from the depths of your being. I hear the words that so seldom are spoken. These soft cries from within your heart.

Don’t toil at the task of finding out what you want to be or do, but use your time to be and understand who you are.

Know That You Entered Into A Sacred Covenant With Life Long Ago

My beautiful child, plans for you have been written across the stars and it’s your duty upon which to discover the secret song that is written within your heart. Unlock yourself so that the forces of the universe may flow through you and manifest within the world the treasures of which love wants to share with you. Riches once found that can be shared with all the world.

For the world needs the splendor and miracles that only you can bring into existence.

Know that you entered into a sacred covenant with life long ago. A sacred agreement between the two of you for your growth, development and ultimate purpose. A purpose to be found within the situations that you find yourself in, the people that are drawn to you, and the fire that burns within your heart.

These are the clues.

These are the markers.

These are the signs that will lead you to the great discovery of your true self.

Without Purpose You Wouldn’t Exist

All throughout the ages the great Masters have said, “Know Thyself”

You have a purpose. You have a reason to be alive. A reason and purpose that you have chosen for yourself. Your responsibility is to uncover it. You must look for the clues that are hidden all around and within you.

They’re there, waiting for you to unlock the secret mystery of your life.

Understand that nothing is meaningless. Nothing in this life is without reason. Nothing without purpose. Without purpose you wouldn’t exist.

The Life Force That Flows Through Everything Also Flows Through You

Your purpose has been given to you and is locked within the stillness of your heart. Listen carefully to the whispers of your being. Don’t be rushed. Don’t worry about what others do.

Be firm within yourself and listen to your heart’s song. For joy is your divine right and happiness is your sacred inheritance.

Everything in the universe has a purpose. The life force that flows through everything also flows through you. That flow seeks expression. The expression that is to be made manifest through your hands, words, and your dreams.

Listen to the movements of your heart. Act upon the drives of your spirit. Seize the mysterious events that are brought forth to you through “coincidence”. Then begin to realize that there’s no such thing as coincidence. Those moments are the times when you’ve recognized the magic and wonder of a responsive universe. Where you’ve been in alignment with purpose. Where you’ve become a drop of water within the ocean of life.

When You’re Seized With Purpose Nothing Is Impossible

Everything exists for a reason. Every person. Every piece is placed so, for you to see, to understand and to unlock the potential of your life.

Be firm in the fact, that if you should knock, if you should ask, if you should stay firm and weather the storms of doubt and indecision, the doors of your life will be blown open by love. The winds of purpose will sweep you to places your mind could never have imagined.

When you’re seized with purpose, the purpose of your being, nothing is impossible.


And as you begin to blaze forth upon the path of love, of which your purpose will direct, you will begin to discover an untapped reservoir of potential and possibilities that have been hiding in wait for you to discover them.

You are a shining light.

Unleash your brilliance and realize that a soul with purpose found is the light by which the world is guided.

Strive For Action And Combine That Action With An Awareness

‘But what is it that one is supposed to do?’ I hear your heart ask.

Anything. Something. Start now in this moment, in this instance, and hold firm within your heart that you will find the treasure that is hidden within. Don’t wait, for in the waiting comes the hesitation and the doubt, both of which will hinder your growth and your dreams.

Push on and push forward. Don’t wait for all the answers. By then it may be too late. Don’t hold yourself back from the wonderment of your life just because you want to wait until you’re ready. Don’t wait until you’re sure. Don’t wait until you’re confident. For what life rewards most is your attempts. Be them futile. Be them misplaced. Be them unguided. For in those moments the magic of your life and the mystery of yourself shall be revealed.

Strive for action and combine that action with an awareness of service for the betterment of yourself, your neighbors and the world of which you live.

There are many decisions and choices that you are faced with along the path of your life.

Choose to decide what to do with this brief moment of time that you have been blessed with. Seize this time and be alive in life.

Realize Now That There Is A Power Within Calling You

Thinking and wondering about what life is and what it should be is the vice upon which your life will be grasped. Break free from it. Begin now to shake yourself free from the inertia of your indecision. Jump into the wonderment of your life and the purpose of which your life has been created to fulfill.

Look at life through the eyes of a child, for you’re truly a child of life. When you watch children you can see that they are curious and courageous. They venture out into the unknown world with their hearts open and the twinkle of mystery and amazement in their eyes. They still remember and trust in the security of life and the love of all.

Be as a child. Find the wonderment in life again. See its innocence. Experience the magic of it. For it’s magical if you so choose to see it that way.

Realize now that there is a power within calling you. Answer that call and your life will never be the same.