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The philosopher Francis Bacon said that, “They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea.”

When you’re looking for your Soulmate you’re going to be looking at a lot of sea. Miles and miles of it. And you have to be OK with that. Seeing beyond it even. Trusting and knowing that the land of Soulmate lovers is out there somewhere. Just past the horizon. So stay the course, work the sails, and enjoy the journey.

But sometimes this isn’t enough.

Especially for doers. People that like to roll up their sleeves and want to get their hands dirty. The ones who want to put in some work and feel like they’re moving forward under their own power in some fashion.

If that’s you, then I think you’ll appreciate this Soulmate exercise.

These techniques can work for anyone though. They’re easy and fun to do.

We’ll be working with the power of our minds. Using our imagination. Playing in the land of possibilities.

Find Your Soulmate Exercise

Let’s launch this process from your likes. What are the things that you like to do? What are the type of people that you’re usually attracted to? What’s the type of music and food that you enjoy the most?

Here’s the questions and the process for you:

If you love to go rock climbing your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you rock climbing.

If you love to bust a move on the dance floor, your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you dancing all night long.

If you love to cook, your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you preparing dinner together.

Do you enjoy movies, the opera, or UFC?

It’s likely that your Soulmate will too.

Whatever your interests are they’re probably shared by your Soulmate.

Use them as a jumping off place to connect to them energetically. Set aside some time everyday, maybe before you go to sleep to practice this Soulmate attraction exercise.

By doing this, you will be sending out a message to the universe, asking your soulmate to contact you.

And Remember Your Soulmate Is Looking For You Too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

Soulmate Attraction

Ian Paul Marshall —  November 25, 2010 — 1 Comment

7 Keys To Increase Your Soulmate Attraction Factor

Soulmate attraction

Unleashing Your Magnetic Soulmate Attraction Factor

Did you know that you’re connected to your soulmate already? That there’s unseen Soulmate attraction forces at work behind the scenes that bind you to one another. It’s a type of magnetic attraction.

And you know what?

Sooner or later your soulmate will arrive.

But while you’re waiting for them it can be a little lonely. Frustrating even. So what can you do to boost that soulmate attraction vibe?

There’s a couple easy things that can be done to increase your attraction factor.

Boosting Your Soulmate Attraction Factor

Here’s seven very simple ideas to help to boost your Soulmate attraction factor. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity. Practicing these seven techniques will not only enhance your own life but it will strengthen and increase the signal that you’re sending out into the universe. And on some level your Soulmate will hear it.

1) Trust
Trust that your Soulmate IS out there. Because they are. We all have tons of Soulmates floating around in the world. Living their own lives. Just waiting for you to be ready to meet them.

2) Believe
Believe that when you’re ready they’ll be drawn to you. You and your Soulmate are learning and growing all the time. Soon you’ll be doing it together.

3) Be Patient
Be patient. Know that life is exactly as it should be. And it’s really beautiful if you see it as such.

4) Enjoy
Find the joy that’s hidden within this very moment. Sometimes loneliness clouds the love that waiting for you now. Life is amazing. Have fun. Be playful. And enjoy the little things and the people who are already in your life now.

5) Appreciate
Appreciate all that you have in your life now. Life, people and everything that makes up our world is truly fascinating. Find the magic of a starry night, feel the breeze on your skin, and savor the warmth of a nice cup of tea again.

6) Be Thankful
Give thanks daily for the love that flow to you and through you. There’s so much to be thankful for. Find a couple of things daily to give thanks about.

7) Celebrate Others Love
When you see or hear about other Soulmate couples celebrate their love. It’s a testament that we all have a Soulmate out there. By celebrating other people’s love you increase the opportunities for that same type of love to find you.

Practice these seven Soulmate attraction secrets whenever you have the chance. They’ll boost your bond to one another and make your life just a little bit better.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist