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The philosopher Francis Bacon said that, “They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea.”

When you’re looking for your Soulmate you’re going to be looking at a lot of sea. Miles and miles of it. And you have to be OK with that. Seeing beyond it even. Trusting and knowing that the land of Soulmate lovers is out there somewhere. Just past the horizon. So stay the course, work the sails, and enjoy the journey.

But sometimes this isn’t enough.

Especially for doers. People that like to roll up their sleeves and want to get their hands dirty. The ones who want to put in some work and feel like they’re moving forward under their own power in some fashion.

If that’s you, then I think you’ll appreciate this Soulmate exercise.

These techniques can work for anyone though. They’re easy and fun to do.

We’ll be working with the power of our minds. Using our imagination. Playing in the land of possibilities.

Find Your Soulmate Exercise

Let’s launch this process from your likes. What are the things that you like to do? What are the type of people that you’re usually attracted to? What’s the type of music and food that you enjoy the most?

Here’s the questions and the process for you:

If you love to go rock climbing your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you rock climbing.

If you love to bust a move on the dance floor, your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you dancing all night long.

If you love to cook, your Soulmate may like to do that as well. Imagine the two of you preparing dinner together.

Do you enjoy movies, the opera, or UFC?

It’s likely that your Soulmate will too.

Whatever your interests are they’re probably shared by your Soulmate.

Use them as a jumping off place to connect to them energetically. Set aside some time everyday, maybe before you go to sleep to practice this Soulmate attraction exercise.

By doing this, you will be sending out a message to the universe, asking your soulmate to contact you.

And Remember Your Soulmate Is Looking For You Too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

soulmates and the mirror effectI know you’ve seen them before. That almost perfect couple. And you know they’re together. Not because they’re holding hands, smooching, or gazing lovingly into each others eyes. And no, they’re not wearing I’m with stupid t-shirts either.

There’s really just something about them. A certain similarity. You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know it’s there.

And even though they’re very different individuals, there’s still something very similar about them. Almost to the point where they consistently show up to places wearing complimentary outfits. Not that they called each other before hand to arrange it that way.

They’re mirrors of each other. Not clones mind you. No.

They’re still very unique people. Both with their own likes and dislikes. But they have this unseen connection. You know that it’s there. It may even sound weird, but you can actually feel it. Continue Reading…

bad breakupHave you ever had one of those earth shattering, I’m sort-of afraid for my life, kind of breakups before?

Where the separation rocked you to your core? And the other party shall remain nameless until the end of time? Why? Because you fear that if you do say their name it will give them power and energy. Fueling their evil genius. Giving them the strength to unleash their wretchedness upon other unexpecting victims.

Sort of like how people don’t want to say the dark lords name (Voldemort) in Harry Potter.

I know that these type of breakups suck the life out of you.

But on the flip-side they are pure gold.

No, I’m not crazy. Just stop and think about it for a second. Continue Reading…

Find Your Soulmate - The Zen Master MethodWhen you’re looking for your Soulmate there’s seems to be so much that you’re doing. So much activity going on.

Be it checking out online date sites, going to singles mixers, placing ads in the newspaper, and telling your friends and family to be on the lookout for possible Soulmate matches.

But sometimes you just have to be in the moment.

Seeing it for it’s beauty. Loving it for it’s magnificence. And being amazed by the magnitude of it all.

We get caught up in the doing. And with all of our running around and looking, we miss the miracle that’s happening right now in the present moment.

So if you want to find your Soulmate take a lesson from the Zen Masters.

The famous author Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us that, Continue Reading…

Find Your Soulmate by Finding YourselfEveryone seems to be looking for their Soulmate. And part of finding that special someone includes doing just that. Being on the look-out for them.

But you may be wasting your time.


Well, if you haven’t taken a moment to look inside of yourself first you may keep attracting into your life the type of people that are just going to leave you heartbroken.

Don’t waste your time looking for the perfect lover. Instead create the perfect love within you by getting right on the inside.

And how can you get right on the inside? What type of inner work can you do so that you can draw the right person into your life? Continue Reading…

Soulmates – Does Everyone Have One?

Everyone wants to feel love. We want to be in love and to know that we are loved by someone.

We dream about it. Sometimes secretly when we’re alone at night. Fantasizing about the perfect partner. A person who “gets” us.

But a lot of times finding your Soulmate can seem to be just out of reach.

And after months, maybe even years of searching for our Soulmate we get frustrated, jaded and depressed. And in our loneliness we start to ask ourselves, “Does everyone have a soulmate?”

Or even worse, we start to believe that there’s no one special out there in the world for us.

Richard Webster, the author of Soulmates: Understanding Relationships Across Time gave us this advice about whether or not everyone has a Soulmate, “I believe that there is a special person for everyone. The perfect person for you is either already with you, or is searching for you. The hard part is finding that special person. However you CAN do it. The two of you have been together countless times before.”

Sometimes it may seem that there’s no one out there for us. That we’re destined to be the “cat lady” whose only companions are her furry friends. But this type of thinking is really a chance for us to find out what’s really going on deep within our hearts and minds.

And it may be tough right now. Lonely. Depressing even. But based on what I’ve seen in my life and in the lives of the people around me, there IS a Soulmate out there for each of us. More than one actually.

The world is just too big.

There’s just too many people looking for love to believe that you’re destined to be single for the rest of your life.

It just seems statistically improbable.

That with all the people in the world, with everyone who’s buzzing around on facebook, to all the dating sites that are popping up, and all the singles mixers going on, and all the meetups happening all over the world right now, the chances of meeting your Soulmate seem to be better than ever.

Helen Fisher of Rutgers University and a world renowned expert on love  said we are indeed “wired to find love” and that finding your soulmate is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

It’s going to happen. Everyone DOES have a Soulmate. There’s hundreds of people floating around right now that could be “the one.”

It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you have kids from a previous marriage, or if you’re going to the gym every other day. There IS someone out there in the world that would move mountains to be with you.

So stop thinking and asking yourself, “Does everyone have a Soulmate?”

And change that thought to, “I can’t wait to meet my Soulmate.”

When you’re ready the universe will conspire in your favor and draw them into your life. Until that happens get out there, have some fun, go on some dates, and trust that everything will happen when it happens.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

He was just going to walk the eight blocks but something compelled him to hop on the streetcar.

He paid his fare and looked around for a seat. That’s when he saw her. His face flashed red and his heart pounded hard in his chest. He did everything he could not to make eye contact with her.

They had met a couple of months back. She had answered an ad he placed in the newspaper.  But both of them agreed that it wasn’t a match.

But here they were, face to face again. Just a couple of seats separating the two of them.

They shot each other nervous glances. Each one letting their nervous fear glue them to their seats.

That night she took action. Emailing him, asking if that was really him on the streetcar that night.

It was.

And something inside both of them sparked to life. They knew that they couldn’t let this moment pass them by again. And tossing caution and reasoning aside they took a chance. Giving their love one more shot.

They’ve been married for over ten years now.

So what can we learn from this Soulmate story?

* That love can find us when we least expect it.

* Maybe the person who you thought wasn’t right for you is just not a match for you right now.

* Keep your options and your heart open.

* Be brave and take action.

Finding your Soulmate is a winding road. It leads you to unexpected places. And sometimes the journey loops back around showing something that you missed the first time around.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

Who Is My Soulmate?

Ian Paul Marshall —  December 7, 2010 — 5 Comments

Are You Asking Yourself “Who Is My Soulmate”?

Asking yourself who is my soulmate?

You’re finally ready. Something inside clicked.  You know that it’s time to find your Soulmate.

No more one night stands. No more playing the field. You’ve had your fun and now it’s time to look for something a little more serious. Someone to share the journey of your life with you.

And you start to wonder, “Who is my Soulmate?”

Not such an easy question to answer.

But it’s an essential part of the process to finding your Soulmate?

Why should you be asking yourself “Who is my Soulmate?”

Well, because it gets you thinking…

Wondering and dreaming about the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And to help you along with the process here’s a couple of exercises to find out who your Soulmate is.

How To Answer The Question – Who Is My Soulmate?

Step 1 – Who are you?

The first part of this process is figuring out who you are. What are your likes and dislikes? What are your passions in life? Your goals? What have you learned from your previous relationships?

Step 2 – What Do You Have To Give?

This second part of answering the question “Who is my Soulmate?” is about discovering what it is that YOU have to offer?

What are your “good” qualities?

What are you “not so good” qualities?

It’s time to get honest with yourself. That way you can make sure that you’re attracting the right type of person into your life. Don’t judge this process. It is what it is. Write out everything that comes to mind.

For example are you loving but critical of the people that you love? Put it down on a sheet of paper. Get clear about what you’re bringing to the relationship

Step 3 – Who Are They?

Who is your Soulmate? What’s the type of person you want in your life? Are they hardworking? Do they listen to the same music as you? What type of lover are they? What do they look like? How are they different from your past lovers?

Step 4 – What Does A Soulmate Relationship Look Like To You?

What’s the type of relationship you’d like to have with your Soulmate? Are the two of you active in the community? Is there kids involved? Are the two of you traveling? What types of vacations are you going on? What does a Sunday afternoon look like when the two of you are together?

This process will help you paint yourself a picture and answer the queston that’s burning within your heart, “Who is my Soulmate?”

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

Build your soulmateBuilding Your Soulmate Bit by Bit

I’ve never been attracted to a certain “type” of person before. If you lined up all my former lovers that group would look like a united colors of Benetton ad.

Well, sort-of like a Benetton ad…

But all that’s changed recently.

I started having fun using online date sites. Never used them before. And never thought that I would. I have a couple of friends that have used them though. One even met her Soulmate there.

While I was poking around seeing who was on these sites I started to notice a trend. I consistently was clicking on and checking out a certain type of look.

It actually surprised me.

I wasn’t surprised by the fact that I was attracted to the people that I clicked on. What surprised me was that they all had the same type of facial structure, hair color, and glow about them.

You learn something every day about yourself if you just pay attention. And who said dating sites were a waste of time?

Which leads me to describe a process of creating the vision of your Soulmate within your mind.

This process is going to go beyond just looks. It’ll help you dig deeper, almost creating a living experience of the one person that you’ve been looking for.

How To Build Your Soulmate From Scratch

We all have certain preferences. For example the type of beer I like to drink is Guiness. I’m a doer and hate wasting time. That’s the type of person I am.  It’s taken me a while to discover my likes and dislikes but now I know what they are.

This Soulmate construction technique help you build up a foundation of the type of person that you’d like to meet and spend the rest of your life with.

This is a “Most Likely” process. It’s not set in stone or anything. It’s a simple technique to help you on your journey of love.

Construct Your Soulmate Bit by Bit

* What’s the type of person you’re attracted to? Are they tall or short? Blond or brunette? Whatever it is, your Soulmate is probably going to look like that.

* What’s the type of music you like to listen to? Your Soulmate will probably listen to or in the least appreciate that type of music as well.

* What’s the type of weekends you like to have? Are you active or do you like to lounge around? Your Soulmate will probably enjoy doing that as well.

* What’s the type of movies you like to watch? Are you into Horror or Comedies? Your Soulmate will probably love to watch those as well.

* Do you like to spend every waking minute with your lover? Or do you need your own space? Your Soulmate will probably be the same or in the least respect your desires.

* Are you kinky in bed or do you like to keep things simple and sweet? Your Soulmate will probably have the same type of sexual preferences as you do.

You’re probably getting the hang of this now.

Get to know yourself and what really makes you tick. I’m not saying that you want to create a mirror image of yourself. That’s ridiculous and unhealthy. But if you’re wondering what your Soulmate will be like this exercise gives you a jumping off point.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist

It May Take Awhile To Share A Pillow With Your Soulmate

Have you ever met someone you were attracted to and things just clicked? It’s like you’ve know each other for awhile. And even though you just met everything seems easy and smooth. Sorta of like putting on your favorite pair of jeans.

Well the truth may be that you’ve actually done this relationship dance before…

There’s a saying in China that talks about reincarnation and Soulmates.

“It takes ten years of hard work in a past life to create the necessary fate to enable you to cross a river in the same boat as someone. It then takes a further 100 years of work to enable the two to of you to share the same pillow.”

So if things are going well and your love life seems to be sailing along nicely you can possible attribute it to the hard work you’ve put in during a former life.

That’s of course if you believe in reincarnation. And according to statistics about 30% of the worlds population does.

But What If You’re Struggling With Your Romantic Relationships?

What if that lovey dovey feeling is gone? I mean like dead and gone.

It happens a lot. Shortly after the initial attraction has worn off the person who you thought may be your Soulmate isn’t looking so matey any more.

It’s all good.

Let it go and move on.

Based on the Chinese saying above you’re just laying the foundation for a Soulmate encounter with them in the future.

So if you’ve got some relationship baggage, this type of mindset may be for you. It can be really freeing and liberating.

“Bad” past relationships are transformed into learning and growing moments.

If you look at those past relationships in this new light your whole perspective changes. You’re released from any negative feelings that you may still be holding on to.

A new awareness takes over.

You can start to see that even though those relationships didn’t make the Soulmate cut you had the chance to put in the time needed to finally share a pillow with them in the future.

And remember, your Soulmate is looking for you too!

Ian – The Soulmate Scientist