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Delaying Gratification

Delay GratificationDelayed Gratification Can Double Your Income

Do you want one marshmallow or two?

That was the question posed to a group of four year olds by Walter Mischel of Stanford University.

The study has become known as the “marshmallow experiment” and it shows that through the power of delayed gratification you can achieve some amazing results.

The study on delayed gratification revealed how important self-discipline actually is.

The Delayed Gratification Study

In the 1960′s Walter and his team wanted to understand the power of delayed gratification. So they found a group of hungry four year olds who loved marshmallows. They were given a marshmallow and promised another one if they could wait about 20 minutes before they ate the first one.

The children who could wait would be demonstrating the ability to delay gratification and control their impulses.

About one-third of the children were able to use self-discipline and will power to delay their gratification.

Fast forward about 14 years and Walter and his Marshmallow catch up with the children and discover something pretty startling. Continue Reading…

Self Confidence

Ian Paul Marshall —  April 2, 2010 — 5 Comments

Build Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence

If your looking for ways to build your self confidence, improve your self esteem, and boost your will power then try these 25 self confidence building tips in your life now. I warn you, this article on self-confidence is a big one.

Self confidence, is it something your born with or can you learn ways to boost it?

Are you stuck being a timid wallflower for the rest of your life?

Or can you become Captain Confidence?

Do we have the ability to push our own personal boundaries and learn simple techniques to build our self confidence steadily over time?

Or are we doomed to suffer silently as we watch the world pass us by?

I personally think that we all have a certain base line of self confidence. And that over time we can nudge our overall self confidence factor forward bit by bit. Continue Reading…