The Tao of Abundance: 101 Prosperity Meditations To Supercharge Your Wealth Consciousness

“Do You Want To Become A Money Magnet?”

“This book will change your perception of abundance. Even if you thought you were well-versed in the art of living in the flow of abundance, I guarantee you will have many “ah-ha” moments while reading this brilliant masterpiece. Consider it a real treat to receive this as an e-book because it should be on the New York Times bestseller list!” ~ Michelle Arbeau, Intuitive Numerologist, Author and Inspirational Speaker

If you’re looking for a way to create an energetic vortex and draw wealth and abundance into your life with ease then this is the book for you.

Inspired by the Tao-te-ching, the Tao of Abundance blends inspirational insights with money magnetizing thoughts that’ll have you slipping into a wealth creating state of consciousness simply and easily.

Our attitudes and thoughts help to shape our lives. By using the power of Prosperous Thinking you’ll tap into the Secret Laws of Abundance.

You will be magnetizing your mind to the ways of wealth. Vibrating at a new energetic resonance that’ll draw money into your life swiftly.

Imagine attracting all that you want with effortless ease.

The “Tao of Abundance” will help you unlock the riches within your life.

“The “Tao Of Abundance” is a Divine creation inspired by the seed of Love planted deep within the soul of, Author, Ian Paul Marshall. This beautiful work will open your heart to receive and allow abundance to flow to and through you creating a cycle of reciprocity that will grow with each visit to these inspiring nuggets of truth. It touches your senses and invites you to ‘savor life’ while reaching your dreams by dreaming bigger than you have before. As I read “The Tao Of Abundance” just as I thought I found my favorite passage I turned the page to find another favorite. Thank YOU Ian for allowing your loving words to once again inspire the readers to remember who they truly are, divine beings of Loving Abundance.” ~ Humbly, Marcia Johnson

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“Regardless of where you are in your life right now, this book has a sort of magical quality to it. Anytime is the right time to reflect on its wisdom and perspective. I enjoyed reading the Tao of Abundance and it came at just the right time. Whether you’re going through challenging and difficult times with the pressures at work, to the challenge of creating what it is you want in your life, Ian’s wisdom and material will give you the key to opening new doors of possibility in this universe.” ~ Rodney Ronquillo, composer and musician.

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