Ten Powerful Phrases

Ian Paul Marshall —  March 9, 2010 — 14 Comments

Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People

Ten Powerful Phrases

There are ten powerful phrases that can transform lives.

Well that’s what Rich Devos, the founder of Amway and author of “Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People” believes.

He discovered that maintaining a positive attitude and encouraging others are two vital keys to not only his success, but to achieving anything that you want in life.

In the book, Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People, he says that, “Simply by adding these phrases into your daily conversations you can help to build relationships, motivate achievement, instill confidence, and change attitudes, in your work and family life.”

So what are the Ten Powerful Phrases For Positive People?

Ten Powerful Phrases:

  1. I’m wrong
  2. I’m sorry
  3. You can do it
  4. I believe in you
  5. I’m proud of you
  6. Thank you
  7. I need you
  8. I trust you
  9. I respect you
  10. I love you

I think that you can add another one to this list of ten powerful phrases and make it eleven powerful phrases:

11. I miss you

Whether you hate or love Amway, and even if one of your friends tried to sell you 1000 rolls of toilet paper, I think the Rich Devos has actually hit the mark with these powerful phrases.

Simple words that can and will change lives. Yours and others.

When you’re stumped and don’t know what to say, just remember that you don’t need to be Shakespeare to touch someones heart.

Two simple words like, “I’m sorry.” may be all that you need to say.

Reader Suggested Powerful Phrases

Here’s a growing list of reader suggestions. Thank you all so much for your contributions.

12. I am there for you

13. I hear you

14. You inspire me

15. You lift me up

16. I appreciate you

17. I understand

18. You are beautiful.

19. You look great today. (You look fantastic.)

20. You are awesome.

21. I adore you.

What would you add to the powerful phrases list?

Please let me know below.

Be Inspirational!


14 responses to Ten Powerful Phrases

  1. ” I am there for you”

  2. Thanks for that Tina. Very nice. I’ll add it to the list. Ian.

  3. I hear you

  4. Thanks Elisa. After a couple of weeks I’m going to collect and add these to the post. If you think of any other please add them. Ian

  5. You inspire me.
    You lift me up.
    I appreciate you.

  6. I understand.

  7. Thanks so much Meg. I’ll be adding it to the wall. It’s pretty exciting how much this page is goign to be growing. Thanks for the help!

  8. you are beautiful

  9. Thanks so much Danella! I’ll add it to the list.

  10. Here are some words that maybe useful to motivate people:
    You look great today.
    You are awesome
    You look fantastic.
    I adore you.

  11. Hey there Wachyu! Thanks so much for adding these. I really like the “You look fantastic.” phrase. It lights people up when you say it. I’ll be adding these to the list.

  12. If there was to be only one, it would be you

  13. Is it worth it?

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