The Alliance

The Alliance For An Awakened Humanity was founded in 2008 by Ian Paul Marshall. It was his goal that the Alliance would be a central place of Oneness to join together active and committed people who were agents of change and were involved in the process of co-creating a world worthy of us all.


The Alliance For An Awakened Humanities Mission is:

* To give birth to the Ambassadors of the next stage of our human evolution.

* To inspire individuals to become powerful forces of change and transformation within their own sphere of influence.

* To show the world, by our own example, its own greatness.

* To use the power of our own thoughts to create the world of our dreams.

* To be radiant beacons and expressions of love.

* To be conscious points of oneness working in harmony with each other and this beautiful planet for the greater good of all.


ONENESS - “We have Connection”
Everything and every single person is One with all things, each other and the very source of existence.

LAW“We have Potential”
Our Consciousness creates creation. What we think about we bring about.

TRUTH – “We have Purpose.”
We all have our unique voice. Our voice is part of a collective song. True happiness will only come when we sing our song for the benefit of others.

PRESENCE“We have Power.”
Presence is present in this very moment. Now is the moment of our being. This is where the power is. When we live in the present moment time melts away and our brilliant essence shines forth in all existence.

A Blessing For All
(c) Ian Paul Marshall

May it be that in this moment you know that everything is One.
May your vision be clear.
May you awaken and live the dreams that sleep within you.
May your heart be set aflame with love and passion.
May your life be a torch and beacon to all the lost children within the night.
May your mind shine with the wisdom of ages.
May you eyes sparkle with the joy of a child.
May your words bring comfort and hope.
May your hands be firm as they work for the world.
May your feet be grounded as you press on with courage.
May your body be a temple filled with holy life.
May you be a pillar of strength that unites heaven and earth.
And may the only trace of your presence here on this earth be found within the hearts of all.

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