The Law of Attraction

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Law of AttractionThe Law of Attraction

& The Trace Back Process

(c) Ian Paul Marshall

So this is a little round about way to the realization of our inherit co-creative power. An easy way for you to see that you can be and are a master manifestor. That the secret Law of Attraction is used by everyone including yourself.

The Secret Source of the Law of Attraction

The Trace Back Process will enable you to see that we’re all surrounded by dreams. That this world we live in is a dream world. That everything we see and use originally began as a thought. A simple burst of imagination that was sparked within someone’s mind. Which from there set off a whole chain reaction of events to the final fulfillment and manifestation of that dream. Once that thought was seized upon the Law of Attraction began to work, drawing into existence all the people, tools and circumstances necessary to give birth to those dreams.

You Are The Secret & The Law of Attraction Obeys Your Thoughts

Once we have been given a glimpse, vision or glimmer of a new idea and we commit to that idea, saying yes to the potential, we set the Law of Attraction into motion. A cascade of events is born and brought into alignment with your desire.

The More You Work the Dream the More the Law of Attraction is Put To Work For You

After you’ve opened yourself up to the divine current and source of existence and seized upon that new dream for your life, business or family a tremendous signal is sent out into the universe. The Law of Attraction is triggered and aligns your life so that you become a powerful manifesting magnet. You use the Law and Attract into your life amazing opportunities.

Becoming A Powerful Master of The Law of Attraction

As you focus your energies on this new vision your energy is amplified. The more you infuse that vision with belief and joy the faster it comes into existence. The more you commit to it the more the Law of Attraction is committed to you. The more you trust that the Law of Attraction will work for you the more that it does. You can feel the amazing potential of your life and the Law of Attraction responds to that feeling giving you more opportunities to feel amazing.

Where Does The Law of Attraction Originate?

It’s within your mind that you find the power that sets the Law of Attraction in motion. All outward manifestations were once thoughts within your mind. It’s easier than you think to use the Law of Attraction and create a world of your dreams. We’re surrounded by and live in a world of dreams. Silent reminders that the world we see was created by ourselves.

It all began with a thought that began in the mind.

Below you’ll see the Law of Attraction and the Trace Back Process
This is a simple technique to see that we are co-creators of creation and that the true power begins and is within our own minds. Which means we can change. We have the ability to do so and all the tools necessary to give birth to our dreams.

The Law of Attraction & The Trace Back Process

You’re in front of a computer, reading these words. Where did the computer come from? well it came from a store and the store got it from the manufacturer. The manufacturer made it from the specs they were given from the creator of the computer. The creator had an idea for a computer, designed it in detail and then created it.

So the computer came from an idea in the Creators mind.

I can look all around me and start to see that I’m surrounded by dreams.

For example…

I’m drinking tea in a cup.

So where did the cup come from?

It was a gift from my father in law. He bought it in a store and the store bought it from a wholesaler. The wholesaler bought it from its creator. The creator had an inspirational idea for a coffee cup, designed it in detail, and then created it.

So it came from an idea within the Creator’s mind.

Now look around you and whatever your eye falls upon ask yourself, “Where did this come from?” Let yourself trace it back. Practice this process several time this week.

Is the following statement true and in accordance with what you have learned?

Behind all that is visible, there is the invisble power of the mind?

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