Trust Your Path

Ian Paul Marshall —  September 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

trust your path

Sometimes life can lay a serious smack down on you.

Ripping everything you hold most dear away from you.

Throwing you off course. Tossing you into unchartered territory.

Tearing your heart in two.

Thrashing you to the floor.

Leaving you broken and bruised – confused and alone.

All the strength sucked right out of your life.

And you lay there a wreck of a person.

A shadow of who you once were. Like a ghost haunting your own life.

Wondering how you can go on.

You can’t go on.

There’s nothing left.

But that’s not where the story ends.

Deep inside you know that.

Somewhere locked in the deepest most sacred part of yourself there’s a whisper. A light. A hope.

For better days. For a better life. For a better you.

And the dark clouds of despair may not shift today or tomorrow or the next – but you know what? Eventually they will. Everything is gonna change. Everything is gonna be alright.

You’re gonna be alright.

I know – it’s happened to me.

And these words may seem empty and hollow to you right now. Like an empty promise. Like a whisp of smoke floating though the air. But they’re true.

You’ll make it through this.



Trust your path.

Trust that there’s something better for you coming down the road.

You’ll meet that special someone.
You’ll find that amazing job.
You’ll turn things around.

And right now things may suck pretty bad.

But it’s just a brief scene from the movie called your life.

The hero always has to journey through the darkness. They always have to venture into the dragon’s lair. They always have to go up against something bigger than themselves.

Because sleeping inside of them is a greatness that’s waiting to be unleashed. Yearning to be tapped into.

Trust me.

Trust the path.

Trust that all this craziness and heartache will pass.

It always does.

You’ll be fine.

Better than fine.

Amazing even.

For now though – trust. Trust that you DO have the strength, courage and love to get through anything that life throws at you.

Even this…

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