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Vision“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” ~ Ralph Lauren

A world is being crafted by the visionaries. A place of unlimited potential. A time with infinite possibilities. A collective dream is being dreamt by millions of dreamers and the bold and brave are giving life to those dreams. Singing out their heart-songs. Stepping forward into the radiant dawn of their new lives.

The future will be peopled by visionaries. Individuals grounded in the present and aware of the future. People strong enough to stay the course and live their lives with meaning and wonder. People that have touched the magic of life and have chosen to never let go of the world as a sacred playground filled with life and love.

The End Of Things Gives Opportunity To The Start Of Something More

Begin to see and know that the end does not justify the means. For to reach the end we must find the meaning of this moment. For the seeds of our own salvation are found within the simple choices that we make in our lives. We must mean what we say, do what we love, and embrace one another.

Realize that the end of things gives opportunity to the start of something more. That today’s closure is tomorrows new adventure. And when you dream, dare to dream into existence a world that is worth working for. For the dreams of tomorrow are created by the sweat of today. The work that’s to come will only arrive if you set yourself to the task.

Visionaries don’t look at the world and see what is, they craft what is to come. They give themselves over to the becoming. To the bringing forth. They let go of themselves so that they can truly fall deeply into the ocean of self. Diving deep into the depths of their being and being aware of the heights of their grandeur.

They are at peace in the moment. Content with themselves. But they seek to live. They want to be alive. The want to know. And what they want to know is how much greater can I become? How much more can I love? Is there something more of myself that I can give?

They pour forth all of themselves and realize that they are an infinite stream flowing into the ocean of life.

Visionaries Don’t Look At The World And See What Is They Craft What’s to Come

So turn your sights to the source of yourself, infinite and pure. Have the courage to create the world anew. A world that is all that you have hoped for.

Dare to dream, for it’s our dreams that renew the world.

Vision Day Exercise

Crafting The Vision

A fantastic question that I learned from Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith who was one of the teachers in The Secret is, “What is God’s Vision of my life?”

Check out his amazing organization Agape:

This question leads us to an awesome power, for the question itself bypasses our own ego and taps directly into the source of all life.

So if you haven’t begun to craft a vision or mission for your life begin to repeat this question over and over to yourself.

“What is God’s Vision Of My Life?”

Be sure to carry with you at all times a pen and a pad of paper for those moments when you will be hit with the inspiration.

For those of you who already have their vision crafted use this question to dive deep into the pure essence of that purpose. For example if you have a healing practice the question would be, “What is God’s Vision of my healing practice.”

Or say you’re starting a GREEN business, the question would be, “What is God’s Vision of this business?”

Be sure to go deeper and deeper into this exercise. Don’t be fooled by the first thing that comes along. Do yourself the favor and stay with this process for awhile. You may be surprised by what you see and hear.

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