Your Great Awakening: Vote For The Book Cover Now!

Ian Paul Marshall —  March 31, 2010 — 8 Comments

So I’m moving into the next phase for Your Great Awakening. The book is almost done. I would say 90% complete. The initial responses to it have been great. The next big thing that remains to be done is to figure out what the actual book is going to look like.

So I would love to know what you think!

Below you’ll find 5 book cover designs that I quickly hacked together to just get a feel of things.

Please vote in the poll below.

p.s. If you’re a book cover designer and want to give this project a shot please email me ianpaulmarshall at gmail dot com.

What Cover Design Should Your Great Awakening Have?

I’ve picked 5 book cover designs however I want to be sure that this book looks amazing! Please vote in the poll below.






Your Great Awakening Book Cover Poll

The poll is closed.

Thank you so much!

Check out the results.

8 responses to Your Great Awakening: Vote For The Book Cover Now!

  1. Of all the covers, I like E the most, however, I do not care for the title font. I am not a graphic artist, so I cannot give a suggestion.

  2. I love your style of communication Ian….I voted on D as it seemed to reflect how ‘colourful and more fun’ your ‘writings are..I would see the ‘fun’ in the great awakening, which of course it should be, and try and interprete that onto the cover. Perhaps hands that welcome you in?? Mmmmm…Keep going, all is great ….Love and light Sandi

  3. I don’t like the sitting person meditating… seen that too many times before. The butterfly is much more meaningful, metamorphosis, transformation, emergence etc… I think the font is very industrial but it is bold and makes a strong statement. My two cents yours to take or leave.

  4. @declectic. Yeah E is probably one of my fayvs. I hear you on the fonts. They look crappy. I just hack these images together to get a feel of the cover. Thanks for the feedback declectic.

  5. Thanks Josephine! Really appreciate the feedback. The butterfly is pretty popular with everyone.

  6. Thanks so much Sandi. Very nice of you. You may like the hands cover that’s in the next round of book covers.

  7. I think I like C the best, but E is always how I imagined your book to look like, it feels really you, it’s strange when I think of Ian this image usually comes to mind. but C really spoke to me… alas I am torn between the two.

  8. Hey there Matt! C and E were the crowd fayvs. You can check out the graph with the results here:

    The feedback from everyone was fantastic. I learned tons. And actually went back to the drawing board. And the new cover is amazing. Beyond my expectations. Check it out here:

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